Epic Games Store: Free game and package for all users, unlocked today

The Epic Games Store has also prepared a game gift for this week. As of today, users of the download platform secure the full version of theHunter: Call of the Wild gratis. The hunting game comes with a realistic open game world that you can explore alone or with friends. Planning, observation and a tactical approach play an important role. Among other things, you can specify the weapons and the types of ammunition and bait yourself.

In addition to the free game, you will also receive a today “Epic Welcome Pack” for the retro gaming service Antstream for free. The Epic Games Store distributes 1090 Gems to all users, which can be used to play games, challenges and tournaments. In addition, the in-game currency can be used to unlock particularly tough challenges and play turn-based PvP games against friends and other players.

the Activation of the free full version and the free package takes place as usual at 5 p.m. You will then have a week to link the gifts to your profile on the Epic Games Store. If you’ve done that by December 2nd, you can play or use theHunter: Call of the Wild and the 1090 Gems for Antstream immediately. We will also find out which free game will follow on December 2nd. The Epic Games Store plans to distribute at least one PC game to its members every week until the end of the year. It is not yet known whether there will be new gifts every seven days in 2022. A Black Friday sale is currently running in the store.

Via Epic Games

theHunter – Call of the Wild: Console Release Trailer

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