Tuesday, November 30

Eternal Return Launches New Character ‘Bianca’

Source – Nimble Neuron

The PC online survival battle arena ‘Eternal Return’, developed by Nimble Neuron (CEO Nam-Seok Kim) and serviced by Kakao Games (CEO Nam Gung-hoon and Jo Gye-hyun), has released the 42nd new character ‘Bianca’.

The self-proclaimed ‘vampire’ ‘Bianca’ is a character who fights with ‘blood’ as a medium.

The main skill of the new character ‘Bianca’ is ▲ Passive skill ‘Blood flow slowing’ that deals additional skill damage and slows movement speed with basic attacks at regular intervals ▲ Accumulates a certain amount of damage and stamina consumption to the opponent as ‘blood’ to non-combat Passive ‘Portable Blood Pack’ that restores stamina in case of condition ▲ ‘Javelin of Fresh Blood’ that binds the opponent with direct damage and additional damage around the target with a blood spear ▲ Reduces damage received and stamina by avoiding the body for a certain period of time ‘Short Rest’ that gives a recovery effect ▲ ‘Circulation’ that can increase one’s stamina consumption and damage in proportion to the charging time, ▲ Creates a magic circle around you to deal damage to enemies within range and ‘reduces blood flow’ It consists of ‘Reign of Jinjo’ that gives additional debuffs to enemies.

In addition, various game system improvement updates such as matchmaking improvement and ping function adjustment, which are ongoing every other week, as well as new skin releases and daily mission events were applied.

‘Eternal Return’ is a game in which up to 18 players use various strategic battles to determine the last person or team. Anyone can enjoy it for free through ‘Daum Game’, and if you enjoy the game in the Kakao Games PC room, you can enjoy free use of all characters and an additional 50% of game money.

More detailed information about the game can be found on the Eternal Return official website.


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