Expensive MacBook Pro: In fact, it actually saves you money

The MacBook Pro is pretty expensive – isn’t it? (Image source: Unsplash)

Apple pays for its new MacBook Pro very well. The super notebook with Apple processor is not expensive at all, says at least one Reddit developer. According to his own calculation, the MacBook Pro even saves money.


Reddit Developer: The MacBook Pro isn’t expensive at all

In Germany, Apple would like to have at least 2,249 euros for its new MacBook Pro with 14-inch screen. The larger MacBook Pro even costs 2,749 euros. Proud prices are those but the super notebooks are not expensive at all – says at least the Reddit developer Jameson Williams. He has drawn up his own invoice, in which not only the purchase price for the MacBook Pro plays a role.

In addition to the purchase price, the service is also taken into account in the invoice. More computing power also means that Get tasks done faster can be. That in turn saves money, as not only the administration of Reddit, but also those of Twitter and Uber see it. Company developers have already been equipped with new MacBook Pros.

“We’ve seen the new 2021 M1 Max MacBook do a clean build of our Android repo in half the time of a 2019 Intel i9 MacBook finished, ”writes Williams. “That means being an Android developer Save around 22 minutes of development time every day can “(source: Reddit)

Im Video: This is what the new MacBook Pro does.

MacBook Pro: the high price pays for itself

According to Williams’ calculation, switching to the MacBook Pro is already worthwhile in Reddit’s case after three months. Then the acquisition costs and the saved costs due to faster performance are on the same level.

However, it should be noted that Reddit developers are higher paid workers where the price of a MacBook Pro pays for itself faster. In his calculation, Williams gives an “approximate” gross hourly wage of US $ 150.


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