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Federal Network Agency warns: watch out for shopping deals

Black Friday is still pending, but the offers are already in full swing. Correspondingly, many customers are looking for the best deals. Now the Federal Network Agency is warning: If you simply buy the cheapest, you are in danger.

Federal authority warns: Always check shopping deals

The Black Friday deal frenzy has started. If you want to secure a bargain, you should keep an eye on many offers and, if in doubt, you have to be quick in order not to go empty-handed. But it is important not to let the care slip. the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) warns of inferior products and offers that are just too good to be true.

USB battery chargers – for example power banks – and action cameras are particularly noticeable. In general, there are many electrical products at attractive prices that, on closer inspection, turn out to be of inferior quality. They could “cause radio interference, not the promised quality or the Endangering the health of people, e.g. through electric shocks “. (Those: BNetzA).

In the past few weeks, when the seasonal Christmas business traditionally picks up, LED lighting has also attracted negative attention. These included LED lamps, indoor and outdoor lighting, LED floodlights, but also typical Christmas items such as fairy lights. According to the Federal Network Agency, the Significantly lower prices in online trading are an indication of low quality be.

Im Video you can find our tips for the best Black Friday experience:

Don’t get carried away with the deal madness: This is what the BNetzA recommends

The federal authority recommends the price comparison to insecure consumers. If the cheapest offer is very far removed from the competition, there is usually a reason for it – and it is not infrequently to the disadvantage of the buyer. You should also pay attention to a contact address in Europe for commercial providers as well as the common test seals such as the CE mark.

When in doubt, it may be a better choice to dig a little deeper into your pocket and Choosing items from a well-known brand. The big, globally recognized companies are also part of the Black Friday event. You can also get a good offer here.

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