Tuesday, November 30

Five Mile Five Star Casino, ‘Others’ Collaboration Marketing | Ruri Web

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Web board mobile game ‘Five Star Casino’ is attracting attention through collaboration marketing with movies.

‘Five Star Casino’, which plays hold’em and baccarat, is a game that requires speed and fast brain skills beyond the framework of simple casino games.

‘Five Star Casino’ is expected to maximize the image of a splendid and exhilarating game by conducting collaboration marketing with a movie starring actress Lee Chae-young, a publicity model, and spur the rise in popularity and topicality.

The movie is a crime gambling drama that stylishly depicts the story of Mimi, who jumps into the poker board, and bets her life for a once-in-a-lifetime deal after meeting the mysterious Tazza ‘Ozawa’. is expected to perfectly reproduce the card tricks and poker techniques in the original, and is scheduled to be released on December 8th. The meeting of a movie that shares the subject of poker and ‘Five Star Casino’ is expected to create a synergistic effect by providing a different kind of immersion.

‘Five Star Casino’, which is characterized by reduced waiting time and hot betting with a cool sense of speed, provides tournament games with the official launch on November 25, so you can enjoy more realistic play, and the upcoming Christmas and New Year events and global launch will proceed.

The 5-star high-quality hold’em game ‘Five Star Casino’, which continues the series’ fame and is marketing, can be downloaded for free from ‘Google Play’.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]


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