Tuesday, November 30

Game Committee signs ’employment support business agreement’ for monitoring personnel for the disabled

Data provided – Game Management Committee

The Game Management Committee (Chairman Gyu-cheol Kim, hereinafter referred to as the “Game Committee”) will meet with the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled at 11 am on the 24th (Wednesday) with the Busan Vocational Competency Development Center and the Busan Regional Headquarters (Park Jae-sul, the Busan Vocational Training Center, Lee Hyo-seong, the Busan Regional Headquarters, hereafter referred to as “the Corporation”). A business agreement was signed to support employment of game monitoring personnel (disabled people).

As the agreement expired in ’18, the Game Committee is a re-agreement prepared to secure the proportion of the disabled in the monitoring group currently operating in cooperation with the Corporation, and to continue providing systematic education support for game monitoring.

The main contents of the agreement are ▲ human and material resource support for hiring monitoring personnel for the disabled ▲ vocational competency development training for monitoring staff who are expected to be hired ▲ necessary institutional support such as assistive technology devices to help the hired monitoring staff adapt ▲ post-employment post-employment support, etc.

Game Committee Chairman Kim Gyu-cheol said, “Monitoring game products can be viewed as a job that can be done without distinction between disabled and non-disabled people if they are accustomed to operating smartphone devices. said.

The Game Commission has been operating a telecommuting monitoring group for follow-up management of game products that have been classified and distributed by Google and Apple since 2015. There will be a dissolution ceremony in


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