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– ‘Combination Probability 100%’ Garden Winter Season Event Until December 2nd

– ‘Idol of the Month’, which is decided by user participation, also unfolds for 2 weeks

‘Audition’, a national PC online stylish rhythm action game serviced by Hanbitsoft, starts a winter event that adds joy to game play with gratitude to users.

According to Hanbitsoft, the audition will be held from the November 25th maintenance until the December 2nd maintenance, the ‘Garden Winter Season’ event. During the event period, the chance of combining the Secret Garden Expansion Ticket and Secret Garden Promoter will increase to 100%, and a special 50% discount on the Herb Package will be held.

Secret Garden is a space that can be used by users who have entered the game as a couple, and two users can grow and harvest three types of herbs, including spearmint, rosemary, and peppermint, to obtain special items. Expansion rights allow you to grow more herbs, and use of accelerators greatly shortens the cultivation time.

The audition will also hold the ‘Idol of the Month Event in November’ from after the maintenance on November 25th until the maintenance on December 9th. In two weeks, the number of times users played the event sound source in the choreography battle, two-handed mode, normal team battle, couple dance, and family battle will be aggregated and the results will be announced. This month’s event soundtracks are ‘Lee Young-ji Day and Night (feat. Jay Park)’ and ‘Loona Not Friends ORIGINAL MIX’.

Users can vote for the candidate who is expected to be played the most among idol music sources, and 100 users who succeeded in predicting the result will receive 5000 event cash each through a lottery. In addition, all users who have played the event sound source more than 50 times a week will receive a double experience item (20 times), respectively, and the top 100 players who played the event sound source the most will receive a ‘Idol Master of the Month’ mark.

An audition official said, “We expect that you will enjoy abundant item benefits through participation in the Garden Winter Season and Idol Event of the Month.” I will,” he said.

Audition is a stylish rhythm action game in which characters dance by pressing the direction keys displayed on the screen while listening to exciting music. This year marks the 17th anniversary of the service. They use the latest K-pop as well as original sound sources produced by themselves, and they also have the latest fashion items. For more information about the audition, visit the Hanbiton website (audition.hanbiton.com) can be found through

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]