Sunday, November 28

Kritika joins the C2X blockchain ecosystem

Data provided – Gamevil

Gamevil Com2uS Platform (CEO Song Jae-jun, hereinafter GCP), a platform subsidiary of Gamevil (CEO Lee Yong-guk), announced on the 25th that it had signed a strategic MOU with AllM (CEO Lee Jong-myung) to participate in the blockchain ecosystem.

According to this business agreement, the global hit ‘Critica Online’ will be reborn as a blockchain game linked with C2X (tentative name) tokens. Action RPG ‘Critica Online’ is a global steady seller with over 20 million subscribers in 70 countries since its launch in 2013. In China, it has been in service for over 6 years through collaboration with local partner Tencent.

With this strategic alliance, the two companies will continue to cooperate in the C2X blockchain ecosystem. Specifically, various cooperation measures such as game planning and technical advice required for ‘Critica Online’ to be reborn as a blockchain-based game, as well as C2X token connection and exclusive blockchain SDK are included. The game is expected to be released in the global market in the first half of next year. In addition, mutual cooperation on new games and global services that AllM is preparing is expected to be further strengthened.

The C2X blockchain ecosystem is gradually expanding along with the in-house developed blockchain games of Gamevil and Com2uS, which will be introduced from the first quarter of next year. If Gamevil’s ‘Chromatic Soul: AFK Raid’ and Com2us’ ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’ are leading the expansion of the mobile-based blockchain game lineup, Kritika will be the starting point for the expansion of the PC online game-based blockchain game lineup. is expected to In addition, the economic strategy mobile MMORPG ‘Colossus M Jinbirok’, which has proven the global success of the original IP, has also joined the C2X blockchain ecosystem to build a strong lineup.

Gamevil and Com2uS are concentrating their company-wide capabilities on building and expanding the C2X blockchain ecosystem based on the Gamevil Com2uS platform. Through a strategic alliance with Terraform Labs, which operates the top 10 blockchain infrastructure in the global market, it is speeding up the development of blockchain games and NFT exchanges as well as issuing its own tokens.

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