‘Land of the Wind: Kite’ PC version released on the 25th

Nexon (CEO Lee Jeong-heon) introduced the PC beta version of the mobile MMORPG ‘The Kingdom of the Wind: Kite’ jointly developed with Supercat Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Young-eul), a mobile game developer on the 25th.

This allows cross-play between PC and mobile by linking accounts. Users can enjoy the game on their PC by installing the client from the ‘Land of the Wind: Kite’ official website.

On the other hand, Nexon will commemorate the 500th anniversary of the ‘Land of the Wind: Kite’ service, starting from November 26, when accessing the game, 5 million coins in money, ‘Fixed engraving secretary (5 pieces)’, ‘Growth runaway reagent (6 hours) (5 Dogs)’, ‘Whetstones forged by the wind of a knife (50 pieces)’, etc. In addition, if you submit a story about a precious relationship you met in ‘Land of the Wind: Kite’, the story will be selected and given as a special reward, a ‘Through Five Color Equipment Selection Box (5 pieces)’.

Also, if you find a GM squirrel hiding in a domestic castle or Buyeoseong dungeon, take a screenshot, and leave a comment in a community notice, ‘Reinforcement Booster (5)’ when there are 30 or more cumulative comments, and ‘Advanced Reinforcement’ ( 3)’ is provided. In addition, if the personality of the GM squirrel is evaluated in the game, a total of 80 people (10 people per server) will be drawn to give ‘Primal Treasure (5 days)’.

On the other hand, Nexon will hold a live broadcast to commemorate the 500th day of ‘Land of the Wind: Kite’ on the official YouTube channel at 7 pm on November 26th. In the broadcast, director Lee Tae-seong, planning team leader Jo Seung-mo, BJ Tan Tan, Bae Don, Joo-ming, and Pang Ji-hoon will appear to introduce the December update content and have a Q&A session.

More details about the PC beta version of ‘The Kingdom of the Wind: Kite’ can be found in the official community.