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Sega Publishing Korea Co., Ltd. (CEO Saito Go), the latest installment of Marvelous Co., Ltd.’s popular series 『Ranch Story』, will release 『Ranking Story Reunited Friends of Mineral Town』 on the PlayStation®4 platform in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia on November 25. It was released today.

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Asian version special

As a special specification for the Asian version, you can wear the in-game costume ‘Angora Rabbit Doll Clothes’. (Common specification for package/download version)

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game description

『Friends of Mineral Town Reunited with Ranch Story』 is set in ‘Mineral Town’, a village full of personality, where residents live their lives while growing vegetables and fruits on a ranch rich in nature, caring for animals, dating and marrying villagers. It is a ‘healing life game’ that you can enjoy as a whole.

This work is a full remake of the original works of ‘Ranking Story Friends of Mineral Town’ and ‘Ranking Story Mineral Town’s Friends for Girls’ released in Japan in 2003.

let’s grow crops

You can grow vegetables and fruits in the ranch field.

Take care of them every day and harvest them when they grow.

When we harvest, we ship it out and exchange it for money.



take care of animals

The ranch can raise cattle, sheep and chickens.

If you take care of them with affection, you can get milk and eggs.


let’s make love

Let’s date someone you’re interested in from among the town’s marriage partner candidates.

When their love deepens, they can propose and marry, and a child will be born.



Marriage Candidate Introduction




A girl who lives in a poultry farm dreaming of meeting a handsome man. I yearn for city life.

He is emotionally ups and downs, but sometimes he is foolish.




A girl with the temperament of a heroine who cannot forgive injustice. He lives with his parents, who run a general store.

I like to cook, but my skills are…




She runs a poultry farm as the head of the household in place of her sickly mother, Lilia.

Worrying about his younger brother Potpourri sometimes makes him overprotective.




A traveler staying in Mineral Town.

He spends his days confessing in the church with a look that shows a loneliness.

Besides this, it is full of fun elements.

Enjoy the freedom of life such as fishing, cooking, and bathing in hot springs.



Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.

The game package and screen are Japanese version screens, and will be released in Korean.

The screen is an image in development.

【product information】

title name: Mineral Town’s Friends Reunited with Ranch Story

platform: PlayStation®4

release date: November 25, 2021

language: Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Subtitles

genre: Healing Life Game

number of players: 1 person

Development: Marvelous Inc.

release/sale: SEGA

Usage level: To be considered

right notation: ©2021 Marvelous Inc. ©SEGA

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