Netflix program – 5 overview pages for all series and films

Unfortunately, you can only browse the Netflix program on the official website of the streaming provider if you are already a member of the video-on-demand service. Fortunately, there are a few pages that give you an overview of which series and films are currently offered on Netflix.

When thinking about whether or not to subscribe to a particular streaming service, one of the most important decision points is what it offers – unfortunately there is Netflix Don’t advertise your program if you’re not already a paying customer.

Of course you can always find them with us the latest series and film highlights and we will inform you about the New releases on Netflix & Co – Unfortunately, we cannot provide a complete overview either. Fortunately, there are some sites on the net that specialize in exactly that and provide you with information about the entire Netflix program. We want you to be the best at this point “Netflix Databases” present:

This is how you use the secret Netflix genres:

The unofficial Netflix database

In the first place is probably the “Unofficial Netflix Online Global Search“, kurz uNoGS, to call. Here you can not only view the entire German Netflix program, but also from all countries in which Netflix is ​​offered.

You can do that on uNoGS entire Netflix program country-specific Browse through, display the series and films newly added to the program and sort the content by language, critical rating and other points.

Netflix Program Übersicht uNoGS
uNoGS: Here you can find the entire Netflix program and sort it as you wish (Screenshot:
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Browse multiple VoD services

No matter whether you just want to know what is being offered in the stream on Netflix, whether you have several streaming subscriptions or want to compare: JustWatch offers you the opportunity to compare programs from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, iTunes, Sky and many other video-on-demand platforms.

You can use the selection bar to select the streaming providers that interest you and watch the films and series they offer. You can sort the content by year of publication, genre or IMDb rating, among other things. But you can also simply search for a specific title and see which VoD service it is available on.

Screenshot by justwatch
JustWatch shows the available content from several VoD services and can be sorted in a variety of ways (screenshot:

What’s leaving Netflix soon?

Also at Flixboss you can display the Netflix program filtered by genre, year of publication and IMDb rating. By default, you will be shown the latest releases divided into films and series.

But Flixboss is also of interest to existing customers, as it provides a clear list of the content for which the license will soon expire. This means that you can see which series and films will soon no longer be shown in the Netflix program.

With different settings, Flixboss sometimes even offers a better overview than the streaming service itself (screenshot:

What’s new?

If you just want to quickly find out what’s new on Netflix, go to “Whats new on Netflix” precisely. The current Netflix program is displayed here, sorted in descending order of the release date. So the newcomers are right at the top.

Whats new on Netflix? The Netflix program in chronological order (Screenshot:

Search for specific films and series

Who streams it?“Is less of a site to find out what is on offer on Netflix – more to gain an overview of the German streaming landscape.

Especially if you use several streaming services or are shortlisted, you can search here for the titles that interest you and you will see where they are offered. At you can find out where and under what conditions (price, flat rate, subscription) you can view certain content.

netflix program streams
At you can browse the German streaming offer for individual titles (screenshot:

How do you watch films & series?

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