Saturday, November 27

New World: Bugs and demands for gold rollback, Amazon reacts

What happened? Because the players from New World suddenly had a lot of gold in their inventory on Wednesday, Amazon first had to shut down the servers for emergency maintenance and then finally one Gold-Rollback perform to get the problem under control again.

Players report bugs after gold rollback in New World

So that’s a problem: It looks like everything doesn’t seem to be going smoothly when you visit the forum of the Online role-playing game looks. Several users report bugs in New World that occurred shortly after the gold rollback. So do some players currently Problems with their homesthat are no longer shown as active. The development team has not yet commented on the error.

New World: Players are demanding compensation

In the meantime, there are also increasing numbers of posts in the forum in which users complain that they do not have any damage payment would have received – while other players can already make purchases with the gold they have received. According to Amazon, this is not a bug. Instead, it takes a while for all players to receive their compensation. Before the weekend, however, the gold should have reached everyone.

What about the items sold in the Trading Post?

Should you have items in the Trading Post offered while this was switched off, they have not been lost. Amazon has already assured its players about this as well. All auctions will be restored when the trading post goes live again.

Just this morning, we summarized some suggestions from players about the features and improvements that make New World (buy now 39,99 €) would improve.

New World: Trailer introduces you to the “Unheil” update in more detail

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