New World: Rollback due to errors in thaler compensation

We only had one of them last night Another big problem with the MMO New World reported. Due to an error in the announced thaler compensation, some players suddenly had extremely high sums of gold in their inventory. This was logically not intended, so the developers were forced to pull the emergency brake.

Far too much gold in New World

Some players immediately used the unexpected windfall to buy sinfully expensive items or to equip Twink characters well in order to level them up faster. In order not to let the situation escalate, it had to Amazon Game Studios already decided yesterday evening to use the European server for emergency maintenance shut down.

During this downtime, the developers took a closer look at the problem in other server regions of New World (buy now 39,99 €) not to let it arise in the first place. Ultimately, the team had no choice but to do a rollback perform. The affected characters were therefore reset to the status before the thaler compensation.

Does that solve the problem?

The servers are now available again, but the matter is well not finally clarified. In the official forum Several players have already spoken out after the rollback. These confirm that the wrongly paid gold amounts have actually disappeared. But instead of receiving the correct amounts, it appears to be no gold flowed at all.

The developer has not yet issued a statement. However, it can be assumed that you want to rule out any possible problems with the compensation before paying again.

Those: Forum

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