New World: Tax cuts cause chaos, players lose progress

The New World economy is not calming down. After important trading features had to be deactivated several times in the past few weeks due to bugs, the trigger for the latest chaos is unfortunately a very noble gesture by the developers.

At the end of the day it looked as if the extremely extensive content patch 1.1 could finally appease the players’ minds. But then it turned out that some changes were made under the hood that make the game much more difficult:

New World: First update exacerbates the biggest point of criticism


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New World: First update exacerbates the biggest point of criticism

Tax cuts make gamers rich

Who among us does not dream that one day the tax office will report to them that they will receive an enormous tax refund? That’s exactly what happened to some of the players in New World – and that’s what started the chaos. So even good intentions can backfire.

What happened? After New World cut taxes on player houses by 90 percent to compensate players for the recent item dupe bugs, taxes that have already been paid should also be refunded retrospectively. However, there was a bug that caused players to suddenly up to 300,000 gold thalers in the account had.

This ensured that the nouveau riche quickly bought the trading post empty or leveled up new characters particularly quickly. The developers reacted quickly and resigned in the official forum Countermeasures. But even with this step, there is a risk of trouble with the community.

No matter what the developers do, somehow it almost always seems to have negative consequences. Petra has already made up her own mind why New World doesn’t really want to get on its feet:

New Worlds Failure: In Search of the Reasons



New Worlds Failure: In Search of the Reasons

Players lose progress after rolling back

Because the only way to fix the damage again is in the form of rollbacks. The servers are reset to an earlier point in time, which also removes the illegal wealth of the players and the trading posts fill up again.

Does that sound good at first? Not if you are one of those players who were perhaps only slightly affected by the gold blessing and who have now lost the game progress of a few hours due to the rollback. The current mood in many forum posts on this topic is correspondingly heated.

Most of the rollbacks have now been completed, but the trading posts are still disabled.

There is also criticism of the rollbacks themselves: Admittedly, only a very small part of the player base was able to gain something positive from the conversion error and its economic consequences spoke up in the forum even against resetting. Most users, however, reacted extremely critically to these statements and suspect that it is mainly those who had benefited most from the gold bug.

But it is also a fact: There are still very few opportunities in New World to get gold quickly. The foundations of the in-game economy would therefore have to be expanded in the future in order to stabilize the situation over the long term.

How is the situation with you in the game? Have you also lost progress, or are you rather happy when the trading post is usable again? Write us in the comments!