New World: This is how players want to improve the MMO

Has been since the launch towards the end of September das MMO New World to struggle with bigger and smaller problems again and again. Not that much has changed in that regard, despite a few fixes and updates. As a result, some fans had recently offered to help the developers to help them improve online RPG. Now there are even concrete proposals.

This is how players would want to improve New World

The user “craybest” has created a thread in the official forum, in which the players are supposed to collect their concrete suggestions for the improvement of New World. A short time later, this resulted in a lively discussion with more than 100 answers.

As expected, a large part of the fans is calling for the numerous bugs, exploits and other problems. But there are other suggestions as well.

So, among other things, the desire for mounts arises again, in particular to the level process to speed up something. There is also the suggestion to separate the PvE and PvP parts more strictly from each other and thus show less interlocking. This could be done, for example, in the form of instanced areas.

In addition, the wish for an increased number of expeditions – i.e. dungeons – can be read several times. Accordingly, some players are currently lacking the content to keep themselves occupied in the long term.

There are also ideas for other areas of New World (buy now 39,99 €) like that Crafting, the introduction of Weltbos or the topic that has already been addressed several times around a Looking-for-Group-Feature. Here are some other suggestions in the overview:

  • Cross server activities
  • Dynamische Events in der Open World
  • A kind of elite mode for expeditions
  • More free skins
  • NPC traders in the cities
  • Reduced grind when leveling
  • Revision of the watermark system
  • More ways to earn gold
  • Looking-for-Group-Funktion
  • Weltbosse
  • Revision of the crafting system for more relevance
  • Improvement of the quest design

Those: official forum

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