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OLED televisions from LG for 699 euros: Black Friday makes it possible

OLED televisions offer an incomparable picture experience. But the prices for such TVs are also very high – one would think. With the A1 series, LG is offering affordable entry-level OLED televisions that will be sold at extremely low prices even before Black Friday. Now they are even cheaper. There are four sizes between 48 and 77 inches to choose from.

Entry-level OLED televisions from LG are particularly affordable

Black Friday doesn’t actually start until November 26th, but there are already really good offers that you should grab. the LG A1 series OLED TVs are currently part of it. These are already attractively priced at the market launch and are currently being offered by various retailers at real top prices. You can choose between models with 48, 55, 65 and 77 inches.

Depending on the retailer, there are also different shipping costs. So that the prices at Otto, for example, are lower than at Amazon, but the price is the same with shipping costs.

If you are looking for more TV offers for Black Friday, you will find the right deals here:

What good are the LG OLED televisions of the A1 series?

As already written at the beginning, these are entry-level OLED televisions. So you get an OLED panel with the well-known advantages when it comes to displaying content, but you have to make some compromises when it comes to features. So they own A1 models “only” have a 60 Hz panel and completely dispense with HDMI 2.1 ports. Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync are also not included. So if you want to connect a next-gen console like the PS5 or Xbox Series X / S, you will not be able to exploit the full potential.

Im Video Let’s tell you what makes OLED televisions so much better:

But even if the OLED televisions of the A1 series only provide the basic equipment, they still offer a great picture, which can be seen from the reviews. In addition, the price is much lower compared to models in the better categories. So who only an OLED television for watching TV or series is in the right place and can save a lot of money.

All information about Black Friday 2021 at a glance:

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