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Korea’s representative app market ‘One Store (CEO Lee Jae-hwan)’ is the first online and metaverse virtual game show in Korea. [2021 인디크래프트]Together with the company, we will start various support projects for small and medium-sized indie game developers.

The Korea Mobile Game Association (Chairman Seong-ik Hwang) concluded the ‘2021 Indiecraft Awards Ceremony’ held on October 15 and said that thanks to numerous sponsors including One Store, the festival for small and medium-sized indie game developers was successfully ended. revealed and thanked him.

One Store, one of the representative sponsors, is Korea’s representative app market that provides various mobile contents such as games, apps, and story contents.

In particular, One Store is taking the lead in coexistence with developers by operating the ‘Indie Game Zone’ that introduces indie games and the ‘Beta Game Zone’ that provides beta testing opportunities to small developers before launch. In addition, it contributes to the creation of a healthy ecosystem for the domestic game industry by continuing the ‘one-star discovery project’, which delivers development support costs to game companies with the goal of revitalizing domestic game creation, and support for local content companies aiming to support local small and medium-sized game production. are doing

Through this ‘2021 Indiecraft Awards Ceremony’, ‘Shine Games’ was selected as a sponsor pick, and it was decided to support the exposure of a one-store feature as a prize.

Jaehwan Lee, CEO of OneStore, said, “Indie games are the foundation of the future game industry in Korea.”

‘2021 Indiecraft’ exhibited as Korea’s first ‘Metaverse Online Virtual Game Show’ can be viewed on the official website ( can be checked.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]