Tuesday, November 30

PC Digimon game ‘Digimon Super Rumble’ to be released in commemoration of the 23rd anniversary of the first broadcast OBT starts today

game developer move gamesis a new Digimon developed and serviced in-house. IP online game Digimon Super Rumbleopen beta testing of(below OBT)today 16It has been officially announced that the city will start in earnest..

Opening of the official website and pre-downloading in the afternoon 2city 23will start in minutes. A Move Games official said in relation to the time. My2Afternoon in the sense of being reborn as a move games of 2city, And the first episode of Digimon Adventure. 1999from year to year 23Celebrating the anniversary 23I chose the minuteand explained the meaning.

From today OBTwill start Digimon Super Rumble is world-famous IP ‘Digimondeveloped using PC online MMORPGas, Both the worldview and storyline that make up the game are based on the original Digimon Adventure worldview., Combat style is a turn RPG It is characterized by the adoption of a combat system.

Global as a core element of the game 3D game engine Unreal Engineto deliver a three-dimensional original animation., Of course, the digital world view of the lively Digimon is unfolding in front of users., It presents a large number of original characters suitable for the series, providing a differentiation from previous works..

New Digimon released for the first time in years PC A lot of original content was introduced to satisfy the expectations of online games.. first of all, Digimon, who will partner with the main character and breathe together, start from childhood to growth., maturity, It is designed to enable various evolutions up to the stage of completeness..

In addition, it is configured so that the stats change according to the interaction with the partner Digimon during the course of the game.. Especially, The rapport during childhood makes a bigger difference as you grow up.. In addition, There are hidden conditions for new evolution., As if hidden from users easter eggsIt is also expected to present the pleasure of discovering the evolutionary path as if searching for.

OBT A new world in accordance with the specifications gear savannahWow Wuhan Mountain Including high-level areas such as, Incubates the Digimon Eggs owned by the user. dizzy islandalso present. Digi Island is a communication space where you can interact and harmonize with Digimon that are born from eggs and are at the infant level., Through future updates, various housing items that will harmonize with Digimon will be added..

In addition, in the original Digimon Adventure, the first villain Devilmon and the battle with a Digimon controlled by a black cog wheel, which led to great acclaim. file island It is expected that the episode will be realized more realistically, stimulating users’ nostalgia., You can also coordinate the original tamer character with your own taste and style through the costume system..

Move Games Inc. Digimon Super Rumble is the past 2002year Digimon RPG’starting with 2009year Digimon Masters’, 2018year mobile game Digimon Soul Chaser etc 20year Digimon one way lifeIt is the result of the accumulated know-how of Move Gamesintroduces the game We plan to put a lot of effort into stable operation and service so that the first impression of the game is positive.. After the game is stabilized, new worlds such as the server continent and the real world are also quickly updated to introduce new Digimon IPWe plan to continue to open up the possibilities of.”said.

Meanwhile, Move Games is celebrating the official service of Digimon Super Rumble. launch eventcarry out. In this launch event, if you invite a friend, both the invited friend and the inviter will receive a crownto pay, 2If you participate in the weekly attendance check, you are an Archangel Digimon. Angel Woomoncan evolve into Floatmon Digimon EggIt is carried out in such a way as to receive a gift.

For more detailed game content and event information, 14city 23scheduled to open from Digimon Super Rumble Official Site(www.digimonsuperrumble.com)’can be found in.

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