Pretty Girl Survival Horror ADV ‘Lung Heart: Late Night Broadcast’, package reservation sales start on the 26th

Arc System Works Asia branch starts pre-order sales of ‘Fesim: Late Night Broadcast’, a pretty girl survival adventure game scheduled to be released on December 16th.

‘Lung Heart: Late Night Broadcast’ is an adventure game in which three streamers escape by collecting clues while avoiding the pursuit of a doll mask in a ruined hotel visited by three streamers for the purpose of filming a broadcast at a psychic spot.

This pre-order will be held from November 26th to December 14th through the online and offline game markets, and ‘Lung Heart: Late Night Broadcasting Original Mouse Pad’ will be presented as a pre-order privilege.

More detailed information about ‘Lung Heart: Late Night Broadcasting’ can be found on the Arc System Works website.

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