Released in the first quarter of next year, pre-registration for ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ begins

Nexon (CEO Lee Jeong-heon) announced on the 25th that it will start a pre-registration event ahead of the domestic service of the 2D action RPG ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile (hereafter Dunpa Mobile)’ developed by Neople (CEO Noh Jung-hwan) on the 25th.

‘Dunpa Mobile’ is a 2D mobile action RPG based on the IP of Nexon’s classic ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ IP, which has 850 million users worldwide and recorded $18 billion in cumulative sales.

While we are spurring development with the goal of launching a domestic service in the first quarter of next year, for adventurers who are new to Dunpa Mobile, we are releasing a full animation video showing Dunpa’s multiverse worldview and character’s unique personality through colorful action, and domestic users for pre-registration.

Users who participated in the pre-registration will receive all of the items ‘SD Creature Selection Box’, title item ‘First Adventurer’, ‘1 Million Gold’, and ‘Heartbeat Megaphone (10 pieces)’.

The biggest feature of Dunpa Mobile is that it embodies the action characteristics of the original, which provides fast action and exciting hitting based on 2D dot graphics and manual battles that utilize the unique sensibility of the original, on the mobile platform.

In addition, in order to maximize the fun of manual battle, a new method using touch operation for mobile is equipped, and you can experience high-quality action pleasure by selecting a skill operation method according to each user’s style.

You can find more information about the pre-registration of ‘Dunpa Mobile’ on the pre-registration page.