Resident Evil 25th Episode Selection, officially released in Korea on the 25th

Data provided – Gamepia

Gamepia (CEO Jeong Jong-heon) collaborated with CAPCOM ASIA to release the PlayStation4 ‘Resident Hazard 25th Episode Selection’ Vol 1-3, a package product designed to collect the horror adventure game ‘Resident Series’ by episode, in November 2021. It was announced that it was officially released in Korea on the 25th.

Resident Evil 25th Episode Selection’ will be released as a total of three products, Vol 1, Vol 2, and Vol 3. Vol.1 consists of ‘Resident Hazard Origins Collection’, ‘Resident Hazard RE:2’, and ‘Resident Hazard RE:3’. is included.

Vol.2 consists of ‘Resident Hazard 4’, ‘Resident Hazard 5’, and ‘Region Hazard 6’, and deals with the threat of bio-chemical terrorism that does not stop around the world after the collapse of Umbrella Corporation.

Lastly, Vol.3 consists of ‘Resident Hazard 7 Gold Edition’ and ‘Resident Hazard Village’, and you can see the stories surrounding Ethan Winters and his family.

Emblems that symbolize each episode are designed on the box of the packaged product, and in Vol. Promo codes for ‘Mr. Raccoon’ and ‘Survival Supplies Pack’ are also enclosed.

PlayStation4 ‘Resident Hazard 25th Episode Selection’ Vol 1-3 Package product’s review rating is not available for teenagers. Detailed information about the product can also be found on the Gamepia blog, Facebook, and Instagram.