Sunday, November 28

Rohan M, Awakening System Content Update

Data provided – Playweed

The mobile MMORPG ‘Rohan M’ serviced by Playweed (CEO Hak-Jun Kim) has been updated with various contents such as the awakening system, new fields, and abyss grade accessories.

Rohan M can improve the various stats of each character by adding the awakening system, and by adding new skills, you can enjoy hunting and fighting in the field in a variety of new ways. For this awakening content, you can use the awakening mode for each character by completing each character’s level and completing a specific quest. In addition to the existing skills, powerful exclusive skills can be used to suit the characteristics of the character in the awakening state, showing a more evolved and powerful appearance of each character.

In addition, a new field, Sotos, has been added after the Alarev Dungeon. As Sotos is the highest field, the risk is very high, but you can obtain unique rewards that can only be obtained from Sotos.

To commemorate this large-scale content update, Playweed is holding various events in-game and in the official cafe.

Meanwhile, more detailed information related to the content update of Rohan M’s awakening system and event-related information can be found at the official cafe.

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