SBA launches ‘Z Kill Gun, Z Kid, ZZ Campaign’ for a safe game culture

Data provided – SBA Game Industry Team

The Seoul Industry Promotion Agency (SBA, CEO Kim Hyun-woo), a small and medium-sized business support organization leading the revitalization of Seoul and the Seoul game industry, will use ZEPETO safely online for two weeks from November 25 (Thu) to December 8 (Wed). To create a culture, they announced that they will be conducting a ‘Z Kill Gun, Z Key, ZZ Campaign’.

The Seoul Industry Promotion Agency is a policy enforcement agency established to support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In particular, the game literacy program has been promoted every year to emphasize the cultural value and pure function of games and to spread a healthy game culture.

ZEPETO is Asia’s largest metaverse platform with approximately 250 million subscribers worldwide, providing avatars with various experiences such as games and chatting through a 3D space called ZEPETO WORLD. In the past, cybercrime prevention contests and campaigns to protect my information have been trying to raise awareness about cybercrime and spread a healthy online usage culture.

‘ZZ Campaign’ is a literacy campaign in the form of citizen participation in which users themselves recognize the problem of cybercrime and form a consensus to eradicate it.

The game industry has secured a huge number of users due to social distancing due to the spread of Corona 19, but the number of cybercrime cases in the game has also skyrocketed. According to a survey of game users (2021, Korea Creative Content Agency), 26.6% of game users experienced sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and verbal abuse. However, in most cases, responses to cybercrime are only temporary.

As part of the preparation of measures to eradicate the increasingly prevalent cybercrime, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Industry Promotion Agency have launched a ‘Z Kill Gun Online’ so that users can directly participate to develop a proper citizenship and create a culture to contain cybercrime. Let’s play Z, ZZ campaign.”

The ‘ZZ Campaign’ will be held for two weeks from November 25th to December 8th, and anyone who enjoys online activities such as games and citizens of Seoul can participate.

In ZEPETO, you can freely create a post about cyber crime victim cases, response experiences, and response methods, and upload them by tagging acquaintances who will continue the relay with the three campaign hashtags (#ZZCampaign #ZKillgunZKeeja #CleanCampaign). Any topic related to a healthy online use culture, such as malicious comments, profanity, privacy protection, and sexual violence, is possible, and the format of short-form videos, images, and texts is also free.
Posts can be easily created using templates and images provided by ZEPETO, and 100 excellent contents among the participating contents will be selected and a total of 300,000 ZEPETO Coins will be paid.

Park Bo-kyung, head of SBA’s Strategic Industry Division, pointed out, “In-game cyber crimes such as profanity, intimidation, sexual harassment, and fraud are factors that undermine the net function and cultural value of games.” We will do our best so that a healthy game culture can be established by recognizing the problems and creating an environment where self-cleaning works.”