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Signed MOU with Com2uS, Kyobo Bookstore and WYSIWYG Studio to cooperate with Metaverse | Ruri Web

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– Signed a memorandum of understanding with Com2uS, Kyobo Bookstore and WYSIWYG Studio to promote Metaverse cooperation

– Plan to enter a virtual Kyobo Bookstore shopping mall that looks like the real thing within the metaverse platform ‘Com2verse’ being developed by Com2us.

– Plan to actively review and cooperate with the three companies to share source IPs and produce trans media contents based on this

Mobile game company Com2uS (CEO Song Jae-Jun, Lee Joo-Hwan) announced on the 25th that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Kyobo Bookstore (CEO Ahn Byeong-hyun) and Wyziwick Studio (CEO Park Kwan-woo, Park In-gyu) for cooperation in the metaverse business.

Com2Verse, a metaverse platform in the form of Mirror World, that provides ▲virtual office ▲shopping, financial/medical services, and entertainment in an all-in-one with value chain partners including subsidiary WysiWyx Studio. is developing Through this MOU, we plan to build a virtual Kyobo Bookstore shopping mall in ‘Com2 Bus’ in the future and introduce various books and stationery products that can be found at offline branches.

Kyobo Books is a leading company in cultural contents in Korea, and has been strengthening its contents business such as the web novel platform ‘Toxsoda’ and story contests based on published contents. DT (Digital Transformation) work to secure competitiveness befitting the contents business and the digital era has been intensively promoted.

Com2uS plans to provide an opportunity for users to enjoy and share quality cultural life in the virtual world through cooperation with Kyobo Bookstore. In addition, it is a strategy to contribute to strengthening the status of K-content by informing users around the world of excellent domestic books and comics through ‘Com2verse’, a global metaverse platform.

Based on this agreement, Com2uS plans to actively review the sharing of source IPs owned by the three companies and the production of trans media content based on this. By combining the various content IPs owned by Kyobo Bookstore with the excellent game and video production technology of Com2us and WYSIWYG Studio, it is expected to create a variety of crossover contents that will lead the next-generation market.

A Com2uS official said, “After the recent COEX Aquarium and this MOU with Kyobo Bookstore, we will build a cooperative system with leading companies in various fields to provide various services and contents in reality within the Com2bus platform.”

On the other hand, WYSIWYG Studio, which is involved in this project, is a comprehensive content producer with high-quality CG/VFX video production technology solutions based on live-action, and is building a full value chain from IP planning, production, distribution and distribution. In the field of game engine-based new media content production, it is producing various AR, VR, and XR contents using its own digital sets.

Com2uS-Kyobo Books-Wysiwick Studio MOU signing ceremony(from left Byeong-hyun Ahn, CEO of Kyobo Bookstore, Jae-jun Song, CEO of Com2us, In-gyu Park, CEO of WYSIWYX Studio, Kwan-Woo Park, CEO of WYSIWYG Studio)

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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