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Smage Hope Studio delivers donations to support epidemic vaccines

Materials provided – Smilegate Hope Studio

Smilegate Hope Studio (Chairman Hyuk-bin Kwon) announced on the 25th that the ‘Epic Seven’ game-linked epidemic vaccine donation delivery ceremony was successfully completed in cooperation with the International Vaccine Research Institute (Jerome Kim, hereinafter IVI) and the IVI Korea Supporters Association (President Sang-cheol Park). (Thursday) said. The donation delivery ceremony was attended by Smilegate Megaport Director Kwon Ik-hoon, IVI Secretary General Jerome Kim, IVI Korea Supporters Park Sang-cheol President Park Sang-cheol, Super Creative CEO Kang Ki-hyun and Kim Hyung-seok CEO, Smilegate Hope Studio Director Kwon Yeon-ju, and others in attendance.

The funds raised through this donation campaign will be used to support projects related to cholera vaccination and prevention of local residents, including children and adolescents, in Nepal. With the donation support, about 25,000 residents of cholera vulnerable areas, including children and adolescents, will be vaccinated. The IVI official said, “Cholera, which is endemic and frequently occurring in Nepal, is an infectious disease that kills 50% of patients if not treated. observed In Nepal, cholera vaccination is being implemented in some regions with the support of the World Health Organization, but there is no support in the Rupani region, so the urgent need for assistance has emerged.”

According to a paper published in the medical academic journal ‘Health Affair’ (2016), for every $1 spent on vaccines, there is an effect of saving about $16 in future medical expenses, lost income, and lost productivity, and the prevention of death and disability. When the socio-economic cost of the vaccine is taken into account, the return on investment (VROI) for vaccines is 44:1. When VROI is applied, an economic effect of up to $2.89 million (about 3.4 billion won) is expected through this donation.

Meanwhile, the donation campaign conducted in September was planned as an in-game method in which global users of the mobile RPG game ‘Epic Seven’ participated. As part of that, Super Creative, the developer of ‘Epic Seven’, introduced the ‘Hope Package’, a game item package, and the donation was donated to the proceeds from the sale of the hope package (excluding market fees). Smilegate Megaport, Smilegate Stove, Super Creative, and Yostar (Japanese publisher) participated in the donation campaign.

Jerome Kim, Secretary-General of IVI said, “Smilegate Hope Studios and IVI and the IVI Korea Supporters Collaboration will help children better by providing essential vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the endemic infectious diseases that still pose a serious threat in developing countries. Its scale and purpose are very special in terms of presenting the future. In particular, the creative approach in which IVI’s mascot, the scientist teddy bear, Sam, appeared in the Epic Seven Hope Package played a big role in helping gamers collect donations to support the IVI business.”

Smilegate Megaport General Manager Kwon Ik-hoon said, “Through this donation campaign, the fun donation culture in which game users enjoy the game and contribute to society will be spread in succession to the UNESCO donation of the proceeds from last year’s Epic Seven package sale.” Gate will work together with users to spread the positive values ​​of the game and promote sustainable social development.”

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