Some Age, mobile MMORPG ‘Dekaron M’ wing system added!

Some Age Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 208640, CEO Park Hong-seo) announced on the 25th that it has added the right to change the wing system and trans-up to the MMORPG ‘Decaron M’ developed and serviced by its subsidiary Unsigned Games.

The wing system not only decorates the character’s appearance, but also raises major abilities, and can increase stats such as strength and agility depending on the grade.

In addition, if you achieve enhancement level 10, evolution is possible, and if you have an evolution stone of the same grade as the wing, you can succeed 100%.

At the same time, the ‘trans-up change right’ that allows you to change the character’s trans-up to another trans-up has been updated.

When using the trans-up change ticket, the user can change the trans-up card, equipment, skills, etc. in the same class or group.

When using the Trans-Up Change Coupon, all equipment is unequipped and stats are initialized. When an item is changed, the existing item is destroyed, but the enhancement value, smelting option, and information of the socket gem installed are maintained.

More details about the wing system and trans-up change rights of ‘Dekaron M’ can be found on the official cafe.

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