Saturday, November 27

SOS: State of Survival unveils new update ‘Joker’

digital entertainment game publisher Fun Plusand game studio King’s Groupsilver today, Mobile strategy simulation developed and serviced by the company ‘S.O.S:NSTate of Survivalapply a new update to, Warner Media’s creative subsidiary ‘DCcomicsiconic supervillain joker(Joker)’was officially announced today as a new hero character..

Fun Plus is the Joker IP(intellectual property rights) Copyright sign the official license Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainmenthas been approved by, As the collaboration between the two companies is in full swing, S.O.S:State of Survival full of madness, It is expected that a heroic character full of personality will appear that will bring both fear and joy at the same time..

The Joker, who appears as a new hero character this time, has clearly revealed his presence as a large villain., Through the movie Joker, which depicts the process of transforming into a rare villain in Gotham City, while trying to live a good life as a weak person, society pushes him to the edge of the brink. DChas been established as a symbolic character representing.

In the update reflected today, users will be given the right to use the Joker character permanently if they solve all the thrilling storylines related to the Joker.. The Joker has the character’s own maddening actions and gestures., And the civilized world was destroyed Zombie ApocalypseIt is expected to be accompanied by a comedy that is somewhat zombie-like on the stage..

FunPlus Chief Business Officer Chris Petrovik FunPlus is proud of collaborating with iconic brands in the entertainment sector to make State of Survival a success.. lately AMCsuccessfully finished the Working Dead collaboration of, successively DCWe’re excited to collaborate with the entertainment industry’s most popular character, the Joker, to bring the game to introduce Above all, it is expected that the popularity of the game will gain momentum as it invites Joker fans from all over the world to the world of State of Survival..”said.

With this Joker update, the company warm thanksgiving We hold an event. Spicy Roast Turkey, bountiful harvest, Crazy Chef, If you participate in the freshly roasted turkey and new recipe events Turkey Fortress HQ skinYou can receive various in-game items including.

Meanwhile, S.O.S:State of Survival’s new hero character, Joker update, as well as content and community related to various events ‘S.O.S:State of Survival Official Cafe(’can be found in.

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