Star Trek: Discovery – Season 4 is coming on Friday for free

The popular science fiction series Star Trek: Discovery was sold by Netflix and has disappeared from the range. In addition, the 4th season in Germany should not appear until 2022, several months after the US release. But now everything is different – and you can watch the first new episode on Friday.

Star Trek: Discovery appears for free on science fiction channels

The popular science fiction series Star Trek: Discovery disappeared from Netflix shortly before the release of Season 4, and forever. Fans outside the USA in particular should suffer from this – because with the move to the streaming channel Paramount +, which is not yet available in this country, they would have had to wait several months for the new season instead of a few days.

Now everything is different: Paramount Pictures reacted suddenly to the displeasure of the fans and is releasing the new season everywhere in November 2021. In Germany you can see the first new episode on Friday – and even for free. The fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery is now appearing on the Internet television channel PlutoTV and can soon also be purchased on other digital platforms:

“In Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and England, will PlutoTV – a leading free internet television station – new episodes each Broadcast Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m.. At the same time they are broadcast episodes on the Star Trek channel in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The first two new episodes will kick off on Friday, November 26th. “(Source:

You can watch PlutoTV for free on the Internet as described, namely under the official page. It is an advertising-operated internet television station.

Original message dated November 17th

Netflix loses Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery should actually soon penetrate into galaxies with the 4th season, where no human has been before. But now the season appears there, for which no human has ever paid before. Netflix has sold all rights for the entire series to the US streaming service Paramount +. All previous seasons of the series on Netflix disappeared overnight. You weren’t quite finished with season 3 yet? Bad luck.

Even more unlucky have those who were looking forward to the fourth season of the series. Because this year it will not appear on Netflix or anywhere else in Germany.

New season of Star Trek: Discovery will not be seen until 2022 on Paramount +

Many had hoped the fourth season would appear in Germany a few days after the US release in November 2021, but that too died with the Netflix deal: So instead of having Season 4 on Netflix in a few days, fans will be able to stream the series on Paramount + sometime in 2022. The only straw that can be clung to: Paramount + will appear under the cap from Sky in Germany. So if you have a Sky subscription, your Star Trek Christmas may only be over for this year.

And not only German Trekkies have to hold their breath here, because Star Trek: Discovery has disappeared internationally from Netflix and all countries outside the USA have to wait for Season 4 until 2022. Incidentally, an exact release date is not yet known.

Fans want to stream illegally, the stars of the series are disappointed

To put the whole mess in the words of a fan on Twitter:

With all due respect, whoever made the decision to remove Star Trek: Discovery from Netflix 3 days before the release of the new season, and only because of a streaming service that doesn’t even exist in the international market now or in several months , should reconsider his career choice.

Paramount + is due to appear on Sky in Germany sometime in 2022; the provider does not exist at the moment. Does that have anything to do with the late release of Discovery? One of a thousand questions. By the way: Even the stars of the show didn’t know about the disappointing Netflix deal. Anthony Rapp (who plays Lieutenant Paul Stamets on the series) expresses his disappointment and frustration over this in a tweet:

“I would like to stand by our international Star Trek Discovery fans who, for understandable reasons, are sad about the last minute news that the fourth season will not appear until 2022. We from the cast have only now found out about all of this and share your disappointment and frustration.

After all, these sci-fi series have already been released and can no longer be postponed:

Since the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery is already appearing in the USA in a few days, all other fans now have to fight Spoiler on the net arm. According to the many comments on social media, a large part of the fan community now wants the series anyway stream illegally.