The 11th ‘Netmarble Game Concert’ will be released on YouTube on the 27th

Data provided – Netmarble

The Netmarble Cultural Foundation (CEO Bang Jun-hyeok) announced that the 11th Netmarble Game Concert will be released on the YouTube channel ‘Netmarble TV’ at 11 am on Saturday, November 27.

The Game Concert is an open forum-type social contribution program where the Netmarble Cultural Foundation invites experts from various fields to create and spread a healthy game culture since 2019 to share game industry trends and future visions, and to share experiences of experts and business people. Since last year, the event has been held online to prevent the spread of COVID-19, providing an opportunity to continuously participate safely.

In 2021, various perspectives on the game industry are presented through the main theme of ‘Game and Society’. The 11th Game Concert, which will be held for the fourth time this year, will be attended by Director Jeong Se-ra, who founded the Korean video art archive ‘The Stream’, and Netmarble AI Center Director Magellan Sil Oh In-su as lecturers.

Director Jeong Se-ra, who will be a lecturer in the first part, examines the games introduced to the museum and gives a lecture on what kind of artistic value the games have.

Director Oh In-soo, who will give a lecture under the theme of Part 2, will introduce how artificial intelligence has been developed and used in games from the past to the present, and the potential for development of artificial intelligence technologies that will be shown in future games.

In addition, during the real-time broadcast, the audience will be given an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers, including a quiz event in which bountiful gifts such as AirPods Pro, cultural gift certificates, and coffee gift cards are presented by lot.

Detailed information about the ‘2021 Netmarble Game Concert’ can be found on the Netmarble Cultural Foundation website.