The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Launches a Major Update to Celebrate the 2.5th Anniversary

Data provided – Netmarble

Netmarble (CEO Young-sik Kwon, Seung-won Lee) announced on the 25th that it had implemented a large-scale update to its mobile RPG to celebrate its 2.5th anniversary.

With this update, new festival heroes[Guarding King]Fairy King Harley Quinn have been added,[Invincible Incarnation]“The One” Escanor,[Immortal Returner]Half Purgatory,[ God’s Blessings]Three types of heroes have reappeared, including Merlin, the daughter of the Beliars. Users can acquire up to 110 heroes for free by participating in the event and can also get up to 25 festival tickets.

In addition, by introducing the regular story chapter 21, new stories can be checked, and the special composition stage of the reverse stage has been added, allowing users to enjoy richer content.

The event boss battles Kimara and Malek also appeared again. Users can obtain costumes such as Lostbane Meliodas, The One Escanor, Purgatory Ban, and Hijack Old Book, as well as 2.5th Anniversary Artifact Cards by completing two boss battles. In the newly introduced ‘Valenti’s Very Ordinary Daily’, you can get rich rewards such as Artifact Cards and Lostbane Meliodas’ costume depending on the number of times you roll the dice and complete the board.

Netmarble is holding various events to commemorate this update. First of all, various boosting events will be held to help users grow until December 23, and you will be able to enjoy various benefits such as one free continuation of the main quest, 50% reduction in main quest action, and two player rank experience points.

More detailed information can be found on the official website.