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Ubisoft: Fake employees threatened with banning questions about Splinter Cell

A strange situation arose in the Ubisoft forum that night Splinter Cell: Blacklist turned. The multiplayer servers of the last main game in the series have been disrupted for some time. Ubisoft itself is probably no longer interested in investing resources in the old game.

Ban threat makes Splinter Cell fans nervous

After the Blacklist community asked for an answer regarding the current server situation in the forum and the support team, they suddenly plunged in Post in the Ubisoft forum of the game. Here the head of the “Ubisoft Customer Relationship Center” spoke up and threatened all users with a support ticket for Splinter Cell: Blacklist in the future 7-day ban of your account.

More offenses would even be with one permanent lock to get punished. The long message actually had an “official” tone, which is why users were not only surprised by the planned measures, but also worried about their accounts. The topic quickly got on too Reddit the round.

Fake employees were behind the Ubisoft message

After the post in the forum disappeared again, I signed up Ubisoft spokesperson at Kotaku to speak and stated that the supposed employee was a Faker acted that had nothing to do with Ubisoft. So players don’t have to fear a ban either. The developer said nothing more about the servers of Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

New Splinter Cell apparently on the way

In October, unconfirmed reports made the rounds that Ubisoft is said to be following the wishes of many fans after years and finally one brand new main part developed by Splinter Cell. However, the release is likely to be some time away, if the rumors are true at all. One Anime-Series in cooperation with Netflix, however, has already been confirmed.

Those: Kotaku

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