WD 18TB external hard drive at the best price on Black Friday

Good times for data collectors: The WD Elements Desktop external hard drive with 18 (!) TB is currently on sale at Amazon. If you are looking for a way to store a large amount of data, you should not miss this offer.

External hard drive with 18 TB storage on offer at Amazon

The external WD Elements desktop hard drive with 18 TB of storage currently costs at Amazon only 299.99 euros – a historical best price. According to idealo, the previous best online price was around 366 euros, and the hard drive usually costs around 410 euros. Calculated differently: The price per TB in the current offer is just under 17 euros, which is an excellent price-performance ratio for a hard drive of this size. And the quality? It is one of the most popular series of external hard drives. The customers at Amazon are satisfied: With 4.7 stars with over 28,000 reviews The WD Elements hard drive doesn’t have to hide from the competition.

WD Elements Desktop (18 TB): external 3.5-inch hard drive, USB 3.0

WD Elements Desktop (18 TB): external 3.5-inch hard drive, USB 3.0

WD Elements Desktop 18 TB: Details at a glance

  • External 3.5-inch hard drive
  • 18 TB Storage
  • USB 3.0 (backwards compatible with USB 2.0)
  • Data transfer rate: 140 MB for seconds
  • Hard disk speed: 5400 rpm
  • Scope of delivery: hard drive, USB cable and power supply
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 2 years

WD Elements Desktop: Good external hard drive for computers, consoles (and NAS systems)

With the WD Elements Desktop Western Digital offers a simple external hard drive with a USB 3.0 connection. Since a 3.5-inch disk runs in the housing, requires an additional power cable and can therefore be used primarily as a stationary storage medium for large amounts of data. The case is well ventilated, but also quiet thanks to the effective damping. When not in use, it can be deactivated with a switch.

Not just as a data grave and Backup drive the WD Elements Desktop is ideal for PCs, Macs and laptops. Users of game consoles should also take a look at what is on offer – so you can at Xbox One and PS4 Games can be run directly from the disk. We explain exactly how this works here. On the Xbox Series S / X and the PS5 you can at least run games from previous generations, and the external hard drive is ideal as an archive drive for backing up game installations locally in order to avoid lengthy downloads in the future. Hobby operators of NAS systems are finally given a great opportunity to manually remove or “shake” – experience has shown that the removed disks are quite suitable for continuous operation in the NAS thanks to CMR and helium filling, even if not as quiet as they are “Real” NAS disks.

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Western Digital Elements Desktop: Who is the External Hard Drive for?

Do you want large amounts of files (e.g. video or photo collections) or store backups in order to create more space for new things, external hard drives with high capacities are worthwhile. External hard drives in 3.5-inch format like the one described here offer more storage for less money than their 2.5 inch counterparts. However, the smaller drives are better suited for on the go because they are more compact and lighter. In addition, the large models require an external power supply, while the smaller models draw their energy from the USB port. HDDs are slower than the now popular SSDs, but offer significantly more storage space for the money. The significantly more expensive external SSDs are the better choice when it comes to transfer speeds and robustness. If you are unsure which of the two hard drive types suits you better, you can read here what the differences are.