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– 11/25 Webzen ‘Mu Origin 2’, ‘Integrated Elemental Raid’, where all server users compete and get rewards

– Acquired various rewards when completing the integrated elemental raid/Added many content to increase character’s combat power

– When participating in the event, gifts of abundant items such as ‘Epic Guardian Pet Box’ and ‘Collection Archangel Selection Box’

Webzen (CEO Tae-young Kim, http://company.webzen.com) will update the ‘Integrated Elemental Raid’ in the mobile MMORPG ‘Mu Origin 2’.

Webzen introduces ‘Integrated Elemental Raid’, an integrated server content, ‘Magic Core Transcendence’, ‘Guardian Stone’, ‘Ancient Relic Smelting’, etc., to the game system of ‘Mu Origin 2’ today (November 25th) .

The core content ‘Integrated Elemental Raid’ is held once a month in the Abyss World. Based on the ranking determined by participating in the existing ‘Elemental Raid’, users who climbed to the top 100 can challenge the competition for all server rankings in the Integrated Elemental Raid to be held next month.

In the integrated elemental raid, you need to defeat monsters or competitors that continuously appear on each floor of the dungeon and acquire certain points to move to the next floor. Users who complete the dungeon are given various rewards according to the points they have acquired.

In addition, Webzen adds new functions to growth contents that increase the character’s combat power.

First, a transcendence function is added to the ‘Magic Core’ that increases character options. ‘Magic Core Transcendence’ consists of transcendental crystals, and if you strengthen the power of the crystal with the ‘Blood Essence’ item, you can make the Magic Core even more powerful.

The ‘Guardian Stone’ released together is a new growth factor for the ‘Soul Stone’ that strengthens elemental properties. It is useful to increase the character’s combat power by strengthening the guardian stone to grow element options.

In addition, the smelting function is added to the ‘Ancient Relic’ that can acquire various stats. Elemental options are increased by infusing powerful energy into ancient artifacts through smelting.

Meanwhile, Webzen is running a ‘Seasonal Attendance Web Event’ to commemorate the new update of ‘Mu Origin 2’. If you log in to the game 10 times by December 8th, you will receive an ‘Epic Guardian Pet Box’ and an ‘Animal Guardian Pet Gift Box’.

From November 26, the ‘3-week attendance event’ and ‘collection event’ will also be held. If you attend the game for 3 weeks, you can receive ’10 level random jewelry box’ and ‘epic accessory gift box’ for each week, and you can collect specific items and exchange them for advanced rewards such as ‘collection archangel selection box’.

For more information on the ‘Integrated Elemental Raid’ update and event of the mobile MMORPG ‘Mu Origin 2’, visit the official cafe (https://cafe.naver.com/muorigin2) can be found in

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]