World of Warcraft: Player breaks insane record 17 years after launch

Although the online role-playing game World of Warcraft is already 17 years old, there are still a few things that should astonish you. This includes, for example an insane recordthat the Reddit user “SingActDirect” was able to set up recently in the MMO.

What happened?

With her night elf character named “Kittypurry” she recently succeeded in doing something in the 17 years since World of Warcraft launched no other player made it. Because she performed all of itt somersaults 17 times in a rowwithout any interruption. The record in this bizarre category was previously 16 somersaults in a row.

What makes this promotion so special?

The night elf characters in World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 €) there is a little peculiarity compared to the other peoples. You have – regardless of whether it is a male or female character – two different jump animations. In one of these, the figure simply jumps upwards, in the alternative variant, it performs a perfect somersault. Chance determineswhich animation occurs.

With each jump, the probability is therefore 50 percent of performing a somersault. Creating several somersaults in a row without the alternative jump animation intervening is accordingly rare. The probability lies with a sequence of 17 successive somersaults at a negligibly small 0.0007 percent.

Fortunately, the player recorded the action in a video in order to be able to prove this bizarre record.

Those: Twitch

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