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2 Google Nest Mini + 6 months of Spotify for 30 euros

For Black Friday, the Berliners from Tink ABSOLUTELY want you to get new Google hardware – and underpin this with almost immoral offers. For example there is two (!) Google Nest mini smart speakers for less than 30 euros! Plus 6 months of Spotify Premium. No, not kidding.

Of the Google Nest Mini looks almost exactly the same as its predecessor Home Mini, but has been subtly improved: slightly richer sound, 3 instead of 2 microphones, easier operation via proximity sensor and – Jehovah! – Finally, a hole on the underside for easy wall mounting attracts smart home-savvy customers. Plus the old strengths: The Google Assistant as (in my ears) a better voice assistant than Alexa and Siri, the part is also suitable as a Chromecast audio receiver and can thus play from countless audio apps from smartphones, from Spotify via podcast clients and Online radio apps all the way to Plex and YouTube Music.

Why should you buy two Nest Minis now? Well, for one, cost that Double pack Nest Mini at Tink now at 29.95 euros, almost half as much as Google normally does for one want some of it, lol. Second, the two can also be paired up as stereo speakers. And thirdly, there is also a special offer at Tink 6 months of Spotify Premium as a voucher for new customers on top.

Not bathed in Biskin, but still looks delicious: the Google Nest Mini. (Image: GIGA)

Let’s do the math: A Google Nest Mini normally costs 59 euros in the Google Store, two of which are 118 euros. Spotify Premium for six months costs 59.94 euros. So you get one here The equivalent of just under 180 euros for 30 euros. (Yes, the comparison lags a bit because the Nest Mini is usually cheaper on Black Friday, but I hope you understand my point anyway). One of the best Black Friday deals for smart home aficionados.

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I can only warmly recommend you to “surf” the Black Friday landing page of tink. Or not, because if you are smart home fans, you will probably spend a lot of money here. A few highlights to browse:

All information about Black Friday 2021 at a glance:

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