40 million downloads Legendary martial arts IP ‘Pacheon One Sword’ is back on mobile! Service schedule announcement

Global publishing game company Yuwon Game Digital Entertainment(U1Game Digital Entertainment, Below Amusement Games)’is a fantasy martial art that is being developed and prepared for service in-house. MMORPG ‘One Sword Mobileofficial service schedule 11month 30It was officially announced today that it was finally confirmed.

coming 11month 30Pacheon One Sword Mobile, which has been confirmed for official service in Japan, Last 2002It was first released as a comic book in 4Legendary martial arts with 10 million downloads IP ‘One SwordIt is a mobile game developed based on.

‘Pacheon One Sword Onlineof IPand gameplay 2021graphics for the year, And reconfigured for mobile environment, All of the main characters leading the story and their typical combat occupations have been perfectly reproduced..

In addition, between servers player killing(PK)’ system, For users who remember the world view of Pacheon One Sword Online, take a planetary trip on the Taegeuk, The main feature of the game is that it also contains the Scenario Scenario, such as exploring the Tomb of the Sword..

Along with the announcement of the official service schedule, Yuwon Game also revealed details related to the original elements and updates to be introduced in Pacheon One Sword Mobile.. first of all, One Sword and Sua, thumb, Jiro, In the lineup of main character characters representing fortune-tellingclass renewalthis newly joined.

Unjeong comes from a prestigious family and uses the Wonbong as a weapon to exert the power of the five elements, and the more the battle continues, the stronger the power., Ilshin is a character specializing in melee attacks wielding an axe, and is characterized by overpowering opponents with powerful control and attack skills..

There will also be a number of war systems added to power the competitive element.. new server PVPand brawl, Various content that collides with the opposing forces on a large scale will be introduced in the process of users joining and growing the clan, such as the Munpa War., There will also be an item scramble between users and a boss battle that can supply powerful weapons and secret balls..

Especially, A high-level area that blocked the way for users in Pacheon One Sword Online money planetclass rat planetIt will also be introduced on Pacheon One Sword Mobile., Giant boss character in the area king of moneyclass mouse devilIt is also expected to provide the pleasure of attacking users who have enjoyed the game in the past as they appear in the same way..

Meanwhile, the company side 11month 26Starting today, a special reward event to commemorate the official opening service will be held.. Comment on the event bulletin board to spread the news of the mobile launch ‘1130 Pacheon releaseYou can participate by entering the user’s pre-booking e-mail address together with the user., Return gold as a reward 200dog, Pacheon copper plate 20dog, Pacheon silver plaque 20Provides game items that will help you in the early stages, such as dogs.

coming 11month 30Pacheon Ilgum Mobile, which is scheduled for official service in Japan, is currently being pre-ordered., Features of the game from pre-registration application, And for more information about the pre-booking application benefits Pacheon One Sword Advance Reservation Page(
https://www.skybladeofficial.com)’can be checked through.

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