Amazon sells brand new Xiaomi televisions extremely cheaply for Black Friday

Xiaomi QLED TVs and other products from the Chinese manufacturer. (Image source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi recently introduced and launched new televisions. In terms of price, these were slightly higher than the Mi-4S models. Now Amazon has lowered the prices as part of the Black Friday week, which makes the new models much more attractive.

Amazon sells Xiaomi televisions very cheaply

When Xiaomi presented the new TVs, we were a bit surprised by the pricing. Technically, things have been improved and the image quality has been improved, but these are still entry-level devices that weren’t as cheap as expected. Now sold Amazon’s P1E models are much cheaperso that it is worth buying.

If you prefer a slightly better picture quality, you can also buy the new QLED TV from Xiaomi for less:

The offers from Amazon are strictly limited in time. It may well be that they sell so well within a very short time that they are quickly no longer available.

Im Video you can take a look at the new P1 TVs from Xiaomi:

Alternatives to Xiaomi TVs

Due to the high discounts on Black Friday, the Xiaomi televisions have finally arrived in the price range where they should have been from the start. Amazon has reduced prices even more than the manufacturer for its own Black Friday offers. So that has to mean something. If you don’t necessarily want to have a Xiaomi television, there is currently still one many other televisions on offer. We have an article on where to find the best TV deals. There are also OLED models on offer at the best prices.

All information about Black Friday 2021 at a glance:

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