Arcana Tactics: Revolvers Opens First Multiplayer Regular Season

Data provided – Gamevil

Gamevil (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 26th that it had implemented a global update for ‘Arcana Tactics: Revolver’.

With this update, the multiplayer regular season has begun. Two users clear the stage in real time, meet in a specific wave and face off against each other, and it will be held for three months until January 30 next year. As it is the first regular season of real-time content, at the end of the season, maximum rewards such as ‘3,000 rubies’, ‘3,000 crystals’, and ‘100,000 gold’ will be paid depending on the final achieved tier.

Along with this, a new hidden hero, ‘Saint’, appeared. Saint is a cleric-type cold attribute, with powerful recovery magic and skills to strengthen allies. These heroes can be obtained through the ‘Hidden Hero Special Dungeon’ and ‘Pickup Summon’, which will be open until January 2nd next year, and can be obtained from ‘Advanced Hero Summon’ after that.

The content that can be enjoyed in the game has increased, and the rewards have been increased. The ‘Special Dungeon’, where you can acquire hidden heroes, has 4 and 5 levels of difficulty added, and the ‘Dark Terra Adventure’ content has been expanded from the existing 400 wave to 600 wave, allowing more rewards to be obtained. User convenience has also been greatly improved. The auto-start function has been added to various contents such as story, invasion, confrontation, co-op, boss battle, and special dungeon to reduce waiting time.

In addition, the guild buff, which is activated only when the guild leader is activated, has been changed to always active. The maximum level of the account has been expanded to 70, adding to the fun of growth, and the number of stamina held has been increased so that you can enjoy various contents more quickly. In addition to this, 3 types of Christmas commemorative skins for ‘Dark Wonder’, ‘Royal Guard’ and ‘Wind Walker’ have been added, making it even richer to see.

Various events are held to commemorate the update. In ‘Ortegia Exploration’, ‘A Midwinter Exploration Event’ is held. You can collect ‘Snowflakes’ in the field and exchange them for ‘Brilliant Five-Color Arcana’ or ‘Random Major Arcana’ through the event page. Snowflake collection is available until January 6th next year, and exchange is possible until January 20th. At the store, you can purchase the ‘Black Friday Package’ composed through user voting and the ‘Black Friday Lucky Box’ where you can obtain popular items at random until the 1st of next month.

‘Arcana Tactics: Revolver’ is a strategic random defense RPG developed by Tiki Taka Studio (CEO Hee-Sang Yoo) and serviced by Gamevil. It is characterized by unique game characteristics that strategically combine heroes given at random in each wave to evolve them into higher-level heroes, and defeat enemies by using various goods such as ‘gems’ and ‘cubes’.

Detailed update information can be found through the official cafe.