‘Battlefield 2042’, the basics are fine. just basic is fine.

‘Battlefield 2042’ was personally one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Since it was released during G-Star 2021, I dreamed of Battlefield every night while I was down in Busan. Long-distance business trips and tight schedules piled up, and while I was driving for 5 hours on my way home, I was so tired that I thought I could play Battlefield when I got home.

Then I had this thought. ‘What kind of comments did people who have already played the game have?’ At that time, I shouldn’t have opened my cell phone, but at a rest stop on the Jungbu Inland Expressway, I couldn’t overcome my curiosity and went around the related communities without realizing it. And then I knew. How was the person who went to take a look at the news that the house had collapsed from the other side and realized that it was his house?

Somehow I got home and turned on the game. ‘Battlefield V’, which other people said was a disaster or poop, sometimes cursed inside, but I enjoyed it quite a bit, so I believed that this work would still have some good points. In the original community, negative views tend to pop out a bit. Whether it’s Battlefield or Battlefront, the shitmmelier, who has eaten anything Dice’s work, jumped into the battlefield of 2042 like that. And, in short, it was beyond imagination.

game name: Battlefield 2042
Genre name: Shooter, massive multiplayer
release date: 2021. 11. 19.

developer: EA Dice
service: SHE
platform: PC / XBOX / PS

First of all, it’s good to have a lot of people.

We can’t start by swearing, so let’s talk about the good things first. First of all, the ‘128-player battlefield’, which the development team was confident in before release, is definitely a great part. It’s terribly precarious, but with 128 players per session anyway, and as expected, the intensity of the battlefield has gone up to an unbelievable level.

Up to ‘Battlefield V’, when the wires are stuck, the wires are pushed and pulled slowly according to the difference in power. When troops are concentrated and determined, the power imbalance occurs in an instant, so the straight line is often twisted into a Taegeuk shape, bumpy, and disintegrated in an instant.

▲ Front lines constantly wobble, whether due to troop conditions, tactics, vehicle placement, or weather.

Therefore, the feeling of Battlefield is still alive in its own way. The atmosphere of the battlefield, where dozens of people collide with each other all the time, is a sensibility that is difficult to feel in any other shooter game. If it weren’t for that, I might have given up on the review altogether because it means that the Battlefield franchise is in absolute crisis and at the same time it is a completely ruined series, but anyway, the feeling itself is still there.

And the environmental visuals of the battlefield that match that are also very good. From snowy fields to arable land, to deserts, to mountainous terrain to urban areas, Dice’s unique terrain details are beautifully presented. To put it simply, when it comes to graphics, it feels like a real battlefield. It gives the feeling of gunpowder exploding and tracer bullets passing under your ears all the time.

▲ The harmony of spaciousness and detail is a sensibility that can only be felt in Battlefield.

Another advantage is the ‘Portal’ mode, which is a game mode. It is a game mode in which two battlefields and equipment were brought from 1942, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3, respectively, and it supports a professional-level rule editor, so you can configure the battlefield in any shape you want. It’s easy to understand if you think of the Blizzard strategy simulation’s use map settings.

In Portal mode, you can level up by acquiring experience points, and you can choose a game that suits your taste, and the fact that each of the works used in the portal are considered masterpieces within the franchise mixes the quality of the portal mode alone. proud of. It’s also interesting that the classic maps from 1942 have been remade for the latest engine.

▲ To be honest, the portal mode is a bit fun.

As a result, if we summarize the strengths of ‘Battlefield 2042’, it can be said that ‘the atmosphere is still saved’. Although the game design described below eats away most of its strengths, it nevertheless preserves the atmosphere of the battlefield. It means that the car was scrapped somewhere without theft or the house, but his life was saved.

‘Then, isn’t it ruined or nothing?’ You might want to, but in fact, this ‘do you keep to the core?’ is a very important criterion when discussing the lifespan of a game. All parts of the game development process are important, but in the end, the core concept exists, and it is created by attaching the skeleton and flesh to it.

If the core concept is alive, there is a possibility that it will somehow be revived through follow-up management, but if it is damaged, the life of the game is over. The current Battlefield 2042 is a very miserable situation, but it means that if Dice works hard to revive, there is still a chance that it can be saved somehow.

▲ I’ll die soon, but it’s still fun this time

Game design that eats everything

However, there are clearly points to be noted. Battlefield 2042 is definitely a regenerative game, but that’s not to say it’s easy. There are too many structural flaws in this game. Of course, this design is the most difficult part of maintaining the Battlefield franchise. Dozens, now more than a hundred players entangle in a session, and it will take in-depth discussion and high-level game design to ensure that most of them enjoy the battlefield without having an unpleasant or unreasonable experience. However, even taking that into consideration, the game design of this work has a strong feeling that it was done too roughly.

Among them, the biggest problem is ‘map design’. As it is a battlefield with 128 players, it is true that a wider battlefield is needed compared to the previous work, and it is clear that a wide battlefield is attractive, but wide is not unconditionally good. The wide battlefield means that it takes a lot of time to move, and the fact that it takes a lot of time to move in a shooter game means that the tension in the game itself drops significantly.

▲ The nearest place is 270 meters away. have to sweat

And Battlefield 2042 does exactly that. There aren’t as many mounts for simple movement as in the previous game, and the mounts called through battlefield support are frankly annoying to wait for drop and too big to ride alone. In addition, there are many terrains where vehicle movement is virtually restricted, such as mountainous areas and cliffs, and the distances between bases are also extremely long. It is very common to have a base that is at least 200 meters away and 300 to 400 meters long.

After all, Albos, who make up the majority of the battlefield, simply have to run. Since it’s 2042, there may be at least one personal mobility aid, such as a lightweight kickboard or a running-reinforced exoskeleton, but there is no such thing. Unfortunately, even if the spawn point is too far away, you’ll just have to run to death all the way to the front line. After that, as is the usual end of the Battlefield series infantry, they die after a short encounter and have to run again.

However, the structure of the battlefield is not complex enough for multiple classes to play an active role. In the case of episodes 3 and 4, which were the existing modern warfare background series, various battlefield environments were shown on one map, such as the underground or inside buildings, where only infantry could enter, in addition to the ground, where equipment battles were the main focus. In the recent work ‘Battlefield V’, like ‘Panzer Storm’, there were battlefields with only open fields, but on the other hand, there were definitely battlefields that needed a joint warfare like ‘Twisted Steel’ or a battlefield focused on infantry warfare like ‘Rotterdam’.

▲ There are only a few characteristic buildings, and most of the battlefield is just open land.

On the other hand, Battlefield 2042 is mostly made up of open land with most of the battlefield structure. There is no closed environment or three-dimensional battlefield where infantrymen can only fight each other, there is only an open space and a simple elevation difference. It’s still wide and you have to run back and forth, but most infantrymen have no choice but to cry and mustard and run towards the main battlefield where helicopters and hovercrafts slaughter infantry. There aren’t many detour routes, and there are too many people anyway, so it’s not easy to penetrate the rear, so it’s better to just fire a few rockets from the front line.

Gearing up against infantry balance is what fuels this simplistic level design. This also has a very serious problem. To be honest, the equipment in this work is very weak in durability. No, rather than having a weak durability, if Casper, a specialist, attaches three C4s to the drone and explodes, all equipment will fly to Hankyu. The drone isn’t particularly fast and the explosion range is a bit vague, but since there aren’t one or two people who choose Casper, most tanks that appear on the frontline can be detonated within a minute.

▲ Recoilless rifles are also commonly used by medics.

Moreover, as anti-tank equipment became common equipment, most infantrymen were carrying anti-tank recoilless guns, so most of the infantry’s noticeable slow tanks would explode sooner or later. Because of this, most players who drive tanks start sniping with their main guns from a distance, rather than going out on the front line and receiving an enemy attack. The so-called ‘sniper bastards’, who have been the main culprits of wire sticking from the previous work and tormented many gamers, have now started riding the tank. It’s understandable that it explodes so easily, but is it correct for the infantry to slash ahead and the tank to sniper?

On the other hand, it has become a helicopter and truly untouchable. Although the flight equipment of Battlefield V did not have a separate hell if a master was riding it, he could still shoot the anti-aircraft guns scattered here and there, or send them to the underworld with a single blow with the flickerfaust of a skilled assault user, but the helicopter in this work, In particular, attack helicopters are sometimes impossible to deal with at all.

▲ The anger caused by aerial equipment is something that all match users can relate to.

Of course, in most cases it can be done. Although the system has been changed from the Disrupt Decoy to an invincible determination that lasts for 8 seconds, the system is changed to invincible for 8 seconds, but during the flare cooldown, if you hit two or three manpas (personal anti-aircraft equipment), it is a helicopter, and even this manpas is a shared equipment, so quite a few infantrymen I do carry it. The problem is, there are some situations that cannot be dealt with.

This is a case I have personally experienced, but it is difficult for an attack helicopter such as the Apache Watchpe to hit with a direct fire weapon, and the Manpaz floats at an altitude of 400 meters or more, which cannot be locked on itself, and starts firing machine guns, there is really no answer. When the machine guns that do wide-area damage fly in bursts, the ground is infantry and the equipment explodes. The only way to stop this is to pull out a fighter and shoot it down.

▲ Why can’t I…

The problem is that attack helicopters and fighters eat TO. When an opponent’s attack helicopter appears, a friendly fighter must fly and drop it to get air superiority, but in most cases, the same attack helicopter is pulled and the same starts to crave the opposing infantry (…). This one scores better. On the battlefield where 128 people enter, 4 people get on a helicopter and say, ‘Haha! Have fun shouting ‘Die!’, and the remaining 124 people must endure the pouring cannon blast while continuing the unreasonable game. No, I have to hit something to match it.

The equipment balance has been ruined, so now the only hope left is infantry warfare. So, is infantry combat okay? no. It’s messed up here too. Like the five eagle brothers who came to rescue us, we were equally destroyed here. It’s because the twisted gun balance and the odd distribution of impact points that I don’t know why they introduced it completely ruined gunplay.

First of all, gun balance is a bug level. No, it’s definitely a bug. Military shooter gamers have their own standards for different types of guns in their minds. Submachine guns with high DPS and rate of fire but with high accuracy and damage reduction per distance; Assault rifles that are not square but have no special corners; Even a weak sniper rifle.

▲ The gun balance is seriously unbalanced, so I think it will be fixed soon.

Battlefield 2042 breaks this basic structure itself. Currently, the strongest weapon in this work is condensed into two types. The submachine gun PP-29 has low recoil, superior ammunition, and very low damage reduction with distance, making it an assault rifle and a machine gun, even from a distance. It’s not a gun that was originally supposed to be like that, but it’s the reality.

And SVK, a DMR, has become a firearm that can handle all situations by sacrificing damage slightly and increasing the ammunition capacity to 15 rounds according to the modification with the shit power that chews body armor and silences the enemy in two rooms regardless of distance. It’s rare to be killed by a sniper rifle while running, but it’s very common to be killed by this gun. You and I use this. As you play the game, all of them carry only these two guns except for a level where you can’t unlock these two guns or some of the dead. It’s not that it’s good in many ways, but it’s overwhelmingly good.

The bullet spread that went back to the past ruined the gunplay in a devastating blow. In Battlefield V, even if there is a recoil of the gun shaking here and there, at least the bullet sticks to the aiming point at the moment of shooting. Unless it’s a DMR, a sniper rifle, or a PP-29 (…), the lucky one wins or the fight itself doesn’t work.

▲ I shot well, but it was because of the bullet spread.

※ The bullet dispersion problem has been fixed through the patch as of November 26th.

For this reason, the battlefield of the terrain dominated by infantry became a site of great social experimentation. At a glance, you can tell at a glance the idiots who want to have fun whether they win or lose because they don’t get shot in the first place, and the heroes of the battlefield who run and engage in melee battles whether they live or die with the sole intention of narrowing the distance and reclaiming the target. Ranged suppression fire and tactical infiltration are useless, and only WWII-level assaults are the only way to use useless guns somehow.

In summary, the game design of Battlefield 2042 is, frankly, completely ruined. There are far more exciting, absurd, and annoying moments than the pleasant moments of playing a single game. There are many different values ​​of games, but what all game companies seek in common is a great ‘game experience’. The moment you play the game should be happy and enjoyable. But that doesn’t work.

In my last review, while reviewing ‘Call of Duty Vanguard’, I criticized it. That Vanguard is a fairy compared to Battlefield 2042. In the case of Vanguard, I ordered Crispy Chicken, which was like bringing tandoori chicken. It didn’t taste as good as I wanted, so I criticized it, but anyway, if it suits your taste, it’s pretty good.

▲ You were a fairy. I’m sorry…

By comparison, Battlefield 2042 feels like a chicken shredded and thrown away. The ingredients are really good. The graphics are good, the 128-player multiplayer is good, and I feel like there are too few weapons, but it has all the necessary pieces that make up the game anyway. The problem is that they didn’t cook it and put it out in a roughly stacked state. If it was an idle thought of releasing it and fixing it, I would like to tell you to calm down.

Is this… a game…?

If there’s one more thing I should say, it’s a ‘bug’. In the Battlefield series, all the series in the history were very famous for bugs, and there were a lot of problems in the beginning, such as making all kinds of bugs into animated memes. Even so, the reason why the game has been consistently loved is because most of the bugs were comical rather than fatal, even if there were bugs, and they gave the same level of satisfaction as the bugs. But this is a little different. There are too many bugs. It is also littered with very fatal bugs.

Hovercraft that climbs buildings are famous, needless to say. If you play the ‘Break Through’ mode on the Kaleidoscope map, you have to occupy a stronghold on the roof of a high-rise building, but as soon as you get to the roof, you see a hovercraft aiming a machine gun and you are at a loss for words. It was difficult to solve the enemy swarming on the roof with clumsy air power, but to break through, the allies also attached a hovercraft to the wall.

▲ A miraculous hovercraft that climbs anywhere

Watching him climb up the building like a sucker shark and break through the base, he couldn’t think of what to say. After counting bugs with bugs, should I say now? At that time, I realized that the expression ‘Is this a game?’ was not limited to Korea but a global standard. One of your allies chatted and said, ‘Is this a game? Seriously?’

And, this hovercraft bug is just cute. A bug where the enemy was not in the position when you shot an enemy, the enemy identification indicator did not work properly and the enemy was resurrecting allies (appears to be), a bug where you thought you were killed by a grenade but actually died by a sniper rifle (I still don’t know the English language) ), a bug that crashes out of the map while riding an elevator, and a bug that only changes the scale and does not apply magnification when zooming.

▲ There is one more space up and down, but the screen is cut off and this bug is too trivial.

It’s not that there’s a bug in itself that’s annoying here. As it turns out, bugs exist, but it is normal when they are difficult to meet. Any bugs you see regularly will be fixed during the QA process, so the bugs that remain until the official release version should be bugs that need to be superimposed on very strict conditions.

But that’s not the case. We just see bugs too much, too often, too easily. If the QA team played at least one game, of course there are bugs in the game that you should see. Is this game free? no. It’s a full-price game that you have to buy at a whopping 66,000 won. But wouldn’t it be that he just didn’t want to do it because he didn’t finish the process like this?

give me back my battlefield

Come to think of it, I don’t think I even brought up the things I really need to say today. Battlefield 2042 is a game that changes in many ways. As the class system has completely changed and all equipment is shared, the specialist system, which has become the standard for class distinction, the resurrection of the bot system, the deterioration of the squad system, and the enhanced crew function of the mount, obviously exist, but the timing is not right to talk about it. From the game mode ‘Hazard Zone’ that comes out, there’s actually a lot more to say. If the game is normal.

Originally, I would have been dragging articles on such topics. That’s a good review and a good review. But it can never be. The vast majority of gamers experience the game’s absurdity and poor quality before they even get to the core content of the game. After a couple of games between all sorts of bugs and unmanageable imbalances, the displeasure and regret are felt first of all, rather than the difference or fun of the game.

▲ I had a lot to say about this guy who was subtly racist.

It means that you don’t have the ‘great gaming experience’ that western developers always talk about in interviews. If you bought a game with a lot of money, and it’s not fun, it’s a huge problem. Rather, it can be explained that the taste is not suitable if it is not fun, but to go beyond that and make you feel anger means a complete failure as a game. Battlefield 2042 is right now.

One absurd thing is that the pre-play that was conducted for the media was fine again. It wasn’t bug-free, but it wasn’t seen very often, and the gun balance felt pretty good. At that time, even if it wasn’t ‘Gatgem’, I felt like I wanted to improve my face. So I believed it, and the main story came out like this. Western game companies often have good pre-experience builds like this and the main game is a mess, but I don’t know why they are doing this.

Ironically, the number of ‘hack users’, which Dice did not catch until the end in previous works, was noticeably reduced thanks to the change in the anti-cheat program. Since there are so many nuclear users in Battlefield V, gamers have always had a different stance and were told to do something with hacks, and this was the case until Battlefield 2042 was released. To be honest, I thought most gamers would still have hackers. We have drastically reduced the number of nuclear users who did that to the point where it was really noticeable. That’s good. It’s just a matter of doing it well.

▲ I know that the number of hacks has decreased, but actually the scoreboard is strangely changed, so even if you use hacks, it doesn’t show well.

I remember going to Sweden years ago to cover Battlefield V. I remember what the developer said when I first experienced ‘Pacific Storm’, which was under development at the Dice headquarters, which I visited after many twists and turns. It’s not an official release version yet, so there may be bugs, but it’s not serious, so don’t worry and enjoy. So I really enjoyed it. And there were certainly no major problems with the official release.

I don’t know if the dice of that time and the dice of today are the same. Probably not. Even in good developers, internal developers are constantly changing, and because of this, development power often fluctuates. Even at that time, I was criticized for having lost a lot of form compared to my heyday, but now I miss even that.

▲ This time it looked pretty difficult, but I miss it

Above all, new concerns arose about whether the franchise called ‘Battlefield’ could continue to survive. Even large developers who receive pushes face a crisis of existence if they roll up AAA-level games twice in a row. Dice probably knows. You must have seen what happened after Bioware, which was under the same umbrella as EA, released Anthem and Mass Effect Andromeda.

And when Dice’s power runs out, the Battlefield series will end there. There were times when I liked it, there were times when I hated it, and there were times when I used to kick big balls of shit, so I couldn’t just look pretty, but personally, the series I really love is Battlefield. If we can’t revive this work somehow, the next title will have to continue development in a very difficult environment, and if we slide one more time, the end of the Battlefield series will come.

There is really only one way for Dice now. Fortunately, the game still has the basics. Getting these basics to work somehow and getting the game back to normal before it cools down will be the only way for Dice to revive and the franchise to survive. I sincerely hope so. For the devs themselves, and for the honest fanbase who still play the game in this mess.