Tuesday, November 30

Before release! Pearl Abyss, DokeV cosplay

Pearl Abyss responded to the unreleased game ‘DokeV’ cosplay.

The ‘Goblin’ cosplay recently appeared at the G-Star site in Busan. It is noteworthy that the skateboard and vacuum cleaner features that appear in the Goblin Play trailer are well utilized.

Cosre, who left a photo on Twitter, said, “Thanks to the props my boyfriend made hard, it was fun even though I played a difficult character for the first time.”

▲ Skateboards and vacuum cleaners appearing in the Goblin Play trailer

Pearl Abyss responded by retweeting the Koseo tweet with the official Goblin account. Pearl Abyss said, “I found an amazing cosplay at G-Star,” and “I was surprised by the craftsmanship and details of the props.”

A Pearl Abyss official said, “I didn’t expect to see a goblin cosplay at G-Star, but when I heard the news, I was so happy that I retweeted it.”

Goblin cosplay photos can be found through the link below.


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