Christmas and Black Friday: gift ideas and tips for buying

Our special today is about tips on buying gifts in general and ideas for Christmas gifts from the hardware and peripheral area for gamers in particular. It’s about gaming accessories like mice and keyboards, but also about SSDs and monitors and a few other ideas.

Bargain hunting – tips on buying in general and ideas for Christmas gifts

We also deal with the bargain hunt in general around the current Black Friday and give you important tips for online and offline purchases.

Black Friday – what is it?

Black Friday has been the start of Christmas sales for a long time in general in the United States. It falls every year on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, the harvest festival in the United States. Families come together on Thanksgiving, where the approaching Christmas celebrations mean that one or the other gift wish comes up.

That is why, for many, Christmas shopping starts on the following weekend, and in order to attract the crowd of people into the store, a few decades ago the retailers started for the first time on a large scale with special offers on the first Friday after Thanksgiving – Black Friday was born.

Black Friday is now used not only by retailers, but also by individual companies to aggressively offer their products.

Those: beyerdynamic

When more and more online shops came into being since the 1990s, the online trade gave the answer to Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday as a kind of “online only” day in the run-up to Christmas.

Cyber ​​Monday became known in Germany through Amazon, and Apple was the first large company in this country to aggressively use the term “Black Friday” to start the Christmas business with offers. In the meantime, we also have many offers in the days leading up to Black Friday, often marketed under the collective name “Black Week”.

On the occasion of the current Black Friday or Black Week, we have selected some gift ideas for gamers, for which we have selected current “Black Week” or “Black Friday” offers as examples, which, according to our research, do indeed compare present good offers too sooner.

Of course, we cannot promise that the prices we have recorded at the time of going to press will still apply or that the products will still be available after you’ve read our special. However, many of the things or good alternatives will certainly be available again at a good price before Christmas. But first we would like to give a few general tips on finding and buying gifts.

Always check offers

Around Black Friday there are a large number of offers that are not that special in themselves, as their prices were similarly low in advance or even permanently. Likewise, many shops like to name an alleged former price, which was never charged by the shop.

An example: The bargain for “49.99 euros instead of 79.99 euros” probably didn’t cost a single day for 79.99 euros. Nevertheless, it can be a very good offer and the product has always cost at least 59.99 euros before. However, do not be fooled into excessive savings by alleged ex-prices – it is not uncommon for savings to be made that are not 20, 30 or even 50 percent, but perhaps only 5 to 10 percent.

Likewise, there are not infrequently supposed bargains that are much cheaper with the competition. Of course, it is possible that the price of a product in a certain shop has never been so low there.

Game publishers are also taking part in Black Friday.

Game publishers are also taking part in Black Friday.

Source: Blizzard

However, this does not rule out that the product is again cheaper in other shops. For all of these reasons, it is important to take time to compare prices. This can be very complicated for many goods, especially if they are more likely to be found in brick-and-mortar stores.

However, especially when it comes to technology, a comparison is very easy to make via the Internet, for example via the PC Games Hardware Price Comparison, with which you can also call up the price history curves from the past for individual products. Nevertheless, you can of course buy from a retailer who may not offer the very best price, but who you trust.

Especially when a shop that is unknown to you announces a particularly great price, you should even be more careful than simply striking. One or the other also falls for fake shops – so find out exactly whether the shop really exists, for example using labels, although of course you can’t just trust label images on the shop page.

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As part of Black Friday and the start of the pre-Christmas period, our special is about gift ideas for gamers and tips on bargain hunting. [Quelle: beyerdynamic]