Com2uS and Daerisoft signed a business MOU to create a blockchain ecosystem

Data provided – Com2uS

Com2uS (CEO Song Jae-Jun, Joo-Hwan Song), a mobile game company, announced on the 26th that Daerisoft (CEO Yoo Da-el), a promising game company in Korea, will participate in the blockchain ecosystem creation project (tentative name ‘C2X Project’) promoted by Com2uS Group.

The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and agreed to form a strategic partnership for mutual development in the field of blockchain and NFT, which has emerged as a key technology that will change the future world.

First, Com2uS plans to globally publish the ‘C2X (tentative name) version’ equipped with a blockchain system independently developed by Com2uS in ‘Raising Reaper Online’, Daerisoft’s representative work. ‘Raising Reaper Online’, released in October 2020, is an idle RPG that develops by growing ‘Reaper’ and defeating enemies that appear constantly.

It is a title that records the highest play time and user usage among domestic idle games, and is expected to transform into a more original and attractive form by combining with the blockchain system. In addition, based on this agreement, Com2uS will provide Daerisoft with planning know-how for blockchain games and technical advice on the development of NFT exchanges.

Daerisoft plans to actively review the implementation of C2X blockchain for games currently in service or planned in the future, starting with ‘Raising Reaper Online’, and cooperate to create a strong blockchain ecosystem.

As a game developer and publisher, Daerisoft has established a differentiated brand status by introducing a number of successful titles to the market, from mainstream games such as ‘Raising Reaper Online’ and ‘Drifting Girl’ to indie games. Com2uS plans to further expand the spectrum of the Com2uS blockchain ecosystem and strengthen its competitiveness in the future market through this MOU with Daerisoft.

Currently, Com2uS is advancing into the global P2E market, announcing the application of a blockchain-based economic system to ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’, which is scheduled to be released in 2022, and ‘Colossus M Jinbirok’, which has recently signed a global publishing contract.

A Com2uS official said, “Starting with the MOU with Daerisoft, we will continue to enter into strategic partnerships with leading companies in various fields in the future, and will build Com2uS’s unique blockchain ecosystem in the next-generation game and content market.”