Community vote: your game of the year 2021

The GameStar community (similar to the picture) has chosen its favorites for 2021.

Our live streaming event FYNG Expo ended with a worthy finale: the decisive battle of our community vote. We asked you via our social media channels which games you liked best in 2021. From this we then distilled eight round of 16 players who fought bitter arguments for the favor of the livestream audience during the three FYNG weeks.

In the end, there were two finalists who could hardly be more different – and yet have a lot in common: Age of Empires 4 and It Takes Two. We’ll choose the winner in the live podcast with Maurice and Micha.

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What does a real-time strategy game have in common with a cooperative jump & run? Well, in a “normal” year, neither of them would have made it so big because classic blockbusters would have overlaid them.

But 2021 was not a normal year. It was a year in which many blockbusters were either postponed or disappointed, which is why the “little ones” could shine, the supposed niche games and favorite critics.

There are good reasons for this, because Microsoft and Electronic Arts finance such games not only for prestige, but also because they hope to gain economic benefits from them. Which ones exactly, tell Micha and Maurice in the podcast.

And they also tell you what they were missing in this community vote! Unfortunately, an outstanding game shone by being absent, but it wins our prize of hearts.

The tournament schedule of our community vote, all duels were shown in the live stream.

The tournament schedule of our community vote, all duels were shown in the live stream.

The duels in the video

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