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CREST Co., Ltd. announced that 3 games , , , will participate in the Steam Autumn Sale.

Participating in the Steam Fall Sale

Three games, , , are participating in the Steam Autumn Sale, and you can purchase the main game as well as various bundles at a lower price than usual.

Details can be found on each Steam store page.

Steam Store:

Steam Store:

Steam Store:

Items subject to sale

Main story 21,670 won (15% discount)

In addition to the main sale, various bundles are available at low prices.

METALLIC CHILD -Digital Deluxe Edition KRW 28,430 (32% discount)

METALLIC CHILD -Digital Artbook Package KRW 24,960 (25% discount)

METALLIC CHILD -Original Soundtrack Package 25,690원(25% 할인)

Discount does not apply to DLC Digital Artbook, Original Soundtrack purchases alone

Items subject to sale


Main story 14,800 won (20% discount)

In addition to the main sale, various bundles are available at low prices.

ARIA CHRONICLE – Digital Deluxe Edition KRW 30,340 (23% discount)

ARIA CHRONICLE – Hero DLC Package KRW 23,800 (25% discount)

ARIA CHRONICLE – Amazon DLC Package 16,320(29% 할인)

DLC units are not subject to sale

Items subject to sale


Main volume 13,520 won (20% discount)

In addition to the main sale, various bundles are available at low prices.

Last Light Digital Deluxe Edition KRW 15,340 (28% discount)

Last Light – Digital Artbook KRW 3,520 (20% discount)


■ Product overview

[Sales]: CREST

[Development]: STUDIO HG

[Genre]: Roguelite Core Action Game

[Play in One]: 1 person

[Release Date]Nintendo Switch™ version, Steam® version: September 16, 2021 (Thursday), PlayStation®4 version, PlayStation®5 version: 2022 release

[Price]Nintendo Switch™ version: 37,000 won, Steam® version: 25,500 won, PlayStation®4 version, PlayStation®5 version: price undecided

[Review level]: 12 years old

[Available Languages]: Korean/English/Japanese/Chinese (Traditional, Simplified)

[CV]: (Korea) Kim Ga-ryeong, Kim Shin-woo, Park Ki-ryeong, etc., (Japan) Ozora Naomi, Sakura Ayane, Mimori Suzuko, etc.

[Official Site]:

■ Product overview


[Development]STUDIO N9

[Genre]Turn-based battle RPG

[Number of players]1 person

[Sales price]Steam® version: 18,500 won, Nintendo Switch™ version: 37,000 won

[ Platform ]PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch™

[Game Rating]12 years old

[CV]Yurika Kubo, Asuna Tomari, Natsumi Fujiwara, Emi Hirayama, etc.

Official site:

Official Twitter:

Nintendo eShop:

Steam store page:

■ Product overview

[Sales]: CREST

[Development]: TEAM CORN FIELD

[Platform]: Steam®, NintendoSwitch™

[Genre]: Horror Adventure

[Number of players]: 1 person

[Release Date]: Steam® August 26, 2021 (Thu)

[Sales price]: Steam® 16,900 won

[Languages ​​supported]: Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)

[ CV ]: (Korea) Bona Kim, Sihyun Kang, etc., (Japan) Iori Nomizu, Mariya Ise, etc.

Steam Store Page :

Official Twitter:

Official site:

■ CREST Co., Ltd.

[Company name]: CREST Co., Ltd.

[Official Site]:

[CEO]: CEO Yang Junmo

: Representative Director Masataka Mikami

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