DHL tips for the festivities: How to get your parcels in time for Christmas

So that your parcels, parcels, mail and gifts from DHL arrive at Christmas, you have to pay attention to a few things. (Image source: Deutsche Post DHL Group)

Only a few weeks until Christmas, Black Friday is in full swing – the parcel volumes at DHL and Co. will explode again. DHL has a few important tips ready to ensure that you receive your orders on time in the chaos of shipments and gifts.

Anyone who buys online at the end of the year between Black Friday and Christmas time or sends parcels privately knows the problem: The shipping volume increases enormously year after year and challenges DHL and Co. to deliver on time. If you want to spare yourself the stress and don’t want to be one of the unlucky ones who are still waiting for important presents on December 23rd, you should Tips from DHL take seriously.

DHL reveals: This is how you can make sure that your parcels are on time for Christmas

  • The most important step: packages in the online shop order in good time or post your shipments yourself early. For shipments within Germany, DHL guarantees delivery at Christmas if parcels are posted by December 20th at the latest.
  • When posting the parcel, note: Use package stamps only, Ordinary postage stamps are not enough. Parcel stamps can be purchased online, via app, at Packstations that are already equipped, in post offices or DHL shops. If you buy online, you can also print it out at home or go to the branch or packing station.
  • DHL generally recommends using the packing stations. There can be broadcasts posted and picked up contactless will. Especially in the run-up to Christmas it is important to collect deliveries as quickly as possible so that the free compartments can be used again. If you don’t know where the next packing station is, you can find it online or via the app. This also works for post offices or mailboxes.
  • Anyone who uses Packstations, names a neighbor to drop off or specifies a storage location for parcels can also Avoid unnecessary routes due to unsuccessful delivery attempts. This ensures better processes at DHL and less effort for customers.
  • If you are short of time, you can also simply give away cash. But be careful, DHL warns: Cash shipments should always be registered mail be abandoned with a corresponding value. Anyone who sends the money by standard letter has no right to a refund if it is lost.
  • It is also important to pay attention to orders from non-EU countries: Since a change in the law in the summer, the generally subject to duty, there is no longer an allowance. If the customs are not paid in advance, Deutsche Post and DHL will expose the fee and ask for it back on delivery – with a Surcharge of 6 euros (Those: DHL). Anyone expecting international goods should be prepared for it.

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This is how you ensure security for DHL orders

If you follow these tips from DHL, you have the best chance of being able to put all your Christmas gifts under the tree in time for the presents. For one smooth process you should also make sure that the DHL messenger rings for you, which is no longer always the case.

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