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Overseas, Diablo Immortal’s CBT started on October 29th. In Korea, it started on November 25, about a month later. This CBT was conducted for a limited number of people prior to the beta test, and the overall game system was checked. And the focus is on testing new jobs and some BMs.

Detailed changes related to testing
CBT Briefinghas already been done through As shown in the tests, it is designed around ‘play through manual operation’ and leads the game through the accumulation of time / goods of the player that starts here.

CBT also maintains this principle. There is no auto-battle in Diablo Immortal. Mobility during the first adventure. The first half of the battle has to go through the player’s hands. The likes and dislikes of each player will be very different, but the advantages of manual play are clear. Since the play is done by human hands, acquiring goods or items has a different meaning from other titles. In the past, we have been focusing on this aspect and upgrading it in the past.

Of course, after a few tests, there were also changes on the system side. In this test, changes are particularly noticeable in the end content area. Newly added upbringing related system. The changes in the RvR-related system are located at the very end of the end content, so in this experience, we wanted to focus on the main revenue structure, including the last added job ‘Necromancer’ and the Battle Pass.

● New additional job – Necromancer

The Necromancer is based on Diablo 3, the base of Diablo Immortal. It is the same for other professions, but you can think of it as some of the skills shown in Diablo 3 have been changed or the form has changed little by little. Still, the concept itself of summoning and exploding corpses was maintained. This will lead the battle.

The Necromancer’s main combat mechanics fall into two main categories. It is also related to the color of the icon, but the skill that summons a skeleton is green. Skills that use corpses are different in red. In other words, a skill that deals direct damage is red. Green for passive flanks or summons. Skills that deal direct damage or are secondary skills are clearly classified in blue.


In the process of constructing the Necromancer’s build, the important point is this attack (corpse) / summon (skeleton) / auxiliary (bone). How much to strengthen the three skills. It depends on how you take it. This is because from the beginning to the middle, the battle revolves around the ‘corpse’ that is created when you eliminate enemies or use some skills. In a way, a build built around a corpse might be the most basic form.

When playing the Necromancer, when an enemy is eliminated, a corpse is created at the place of death. This corpse can deal damage to nearby enemies with the corpse explosion skill. It is designed to inflict great damage to enemies with skills such as Corpse Spear. These are the elements you must use from the beginning to the middle. It’s a skill that deals massive damage at once or deals damage to enemies in a wide area.

The use of the corpse inevitably places the necromancer in the form of a nuker. It’s designed so that you can’t do high damage at once if you don’t have a corpse. Horses that require a corpse to inflict high damage are difficult for opponents who cannot consistently generate corpses. Skills that summon skeletons are positioned as a role to reduce the inevitable dillos resulting from corpse skills.


Skills such as ‘Scythe of the Reaper’ create 2 corpses. It can accumulate up to 2 times, but it is often insufficient in long-term battles. If corpses continue to spawn, the damage will be high. These are skills that are difficult to deal damage consistently. Since the body is created at the place of death, it is difficult to select a location. So, change some of the side effects of skills with legendary equipment. There is a need for a complementary process. The Necromancer’s build right here. There is a point where the play splits.

I guess it depends on the player. Here is a summary of our recommended builds in-game: Will it create a corpse to inflict great damage / or will it inflict constant damage to a pet such as a skeleton? These are the two.


The Necromancer’s build is centered around three skills. Inflict explosive damage with Skeleton Domination, Reaper’s Scythe and Corpse Explosion. Or, steady and stable dealing using Skeleton Domination + Skeleton Magi + Golem Domination. As Diablo Immortal drives players around long-term play and build-building, these three skills are the answer to which play to choose.

The other skill can be ‘bone armor’ for survival or ‘wraith state’ used to escape a crisis situation. Or, you can adopt a method that deals extreme damage by adding other attack skills. Considering these points, it can be summarized as a character that specializes in inflicting high damage at once, although it has limitations compared to other characters.



● New billing policy – Battle Pass and other products

The point to pay attention to in this CBT is that the BMs centered on the Battle Pass are properly presented. It is noteworthy that the product can be purchased even on CBT standards, and the product is paid when Diablo Immortal’s domestic service is performed. Therefore, it seems that there will be no significant difference in the clear price and appearance time in public testing.

When we look at the main prizes, the Battle Pass, which affects gameplay from the beginning to the end of the game, is central. You can think of it as a general battle pass. It also acts as a play guide, and rewards are given by accumulating ‘Battle Points’ that are paid according to the player’s actions.


The price of the paid Battle Pass was set at 5,900 won based on Google Play, and this only unlocks the rewards at the bottom of the Battle Pass. A product that raises the Battle Pass level by 10 additional levels is 19,000 won. How useful it will be will vary from person to person, but the main rewards are also included in the free Battle Pass.

The products that are paid out in the paid battle pass don’t really make a big impression on me. Legendary Gem / Volcanic Rock / Normal Gem / Chat Emoticon / New Content Most of the things that can be acquired through gameplay are about the same as the keys used in the sanctuary of the pod. Legendary items and coins such as hilt coins are all paid out in the free pass, so people who want to save time only buy them.

The monthly payment of ‘Grace of Abundance’ was set at 5,900 won. This also ends without compromising the value of Diablo Immortal that you can play directly. It is paid for a rare item used for the paid item, Eternal Orb / Ancient Rift. Paid goods can be purchased separately, and sentences are in a state where the gap can be narrowed by repeated play.


Other than that, the composition of individual products is not bad either. If you clear the ‘Forgotten Tower’ dungeon in the second area, you will receive a bundled product called ‘Forgotten Tower Treasure Box’. The price is on the low side at 1200 won. It shows the composition of 60 Eternal Orbs, which are paid goods, / Legendary emblems / Rare emblems / Normal gem piles. It is true that it helps the growth itself, but not to the extent that it accelerates rapidly. On the contrary, if you play a lot of time, it may not have much of an impact.

Additional bundled products are provided starting from clearing the dungeon. Since then, the price has been reasonably priced in the dungeon as well. After clearing the next dungeon, ‘Fahir’s Tomb’, you will receive a bundle of 2500 won. In the next dungeon, a bundle of 5900 won appears. It looks like it is composed by gradually increasing the amount of internal components, and even if you clear the dungeon in the second half, it seems that the product composition will be within 20,000 won.


Individual products include refining stones and crests. There is about an orb of eternity, which is a paid currency. Individual product purchases are designed around the Eternal Orb and range from KRW 1,200 to KRW 119,000. 630 pieces for 12,000 won based on Google Play. You will receive 7,200 Eternal Orbs for 119,000 won.

Refinement stones and crests can be obtained in various ways in-game, but when purchased for a fee, the rare crest is 30 Eternal Orbs. Legendary Emblem is priced at 160 Eternal Orbs. Refinement Stones are a uniform price for 100 batches.


The point to pay attention to is the part that changes the Eternal Orb back to the ‘Platinum Coin’. Platinum Coins are a currency that can be used to craft Legendary Jewels or in the in-game Auction House. If you do not purchase products, you can say that this is a bit more used. Platinum coins can also be supplied daily through in-game achievements, so it is difficult to say that they are of great utility in the long run.

There are no other related products such as shape transformation. This is because in the case of transmogrification, as mentioned in the CBT media briefing, it is done through the equipment’s awakening system. As the awakening system takes a long time to grow equipment, it can be expected that it will take a long time even if a separate shape change-related product is released in the future.


Finally, there are things to note regarding prizes and the Battle Pass. The game has become much more comfortable by paying a lot of hilt coins, which were limited in the tests, in battle passes and achievements. It is also related to the introduction of the rating system, because it brought in a way of giving out 100s for each rating that reached a certain threshold.

The amount of coins paid out is quite high. As you continue to play, you will receive steady coins, increasing your speed in terms of growth. In the previous test, if you had to compete for the rank of the Rift to purchase a Legendary item once a week in the previous test, this time, you will be paid enough to have coins left even if you focus on nurturing without much competition.


Diablo Immortal’s BM is ‘Stop buying it’ by CBT standards. It can be summarized as ‘Stop not buying’. Because the game is designed in the form of player manipulation and time / effort. And because the devs want to preserve it. Billing products, etc., do not have a great influence on the play. Of course, if you buy it, you can grow a little more pleasantly. If you put in a reasonable amount of time that is not too long, it looks like a level that can be replaced.

‘Diablo Immortal’, which has been conducting CBT in Korea since November 25, is currently CBT only on Android operating system devices. Korean text and voice are supported in the game, and the specific domestic service time has not been decided.




By Jeong Pil-kwon, staff reporter [email protected]

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