Dreaming of a new growth model for the game industry in Jeollanam-do

Naju–(Korea Newswire) November 26, 2021 — As metaverse emerges as a future industry keyword, the digital content industry is shaking. Experts predict that the existing industry that has undergone one change from PC online to mobile will evolve into a metaverse. Metaverse is establishing itself as a hot issue and keyword in the digital content industry. Metaverse is a compound word of meta, meaning transcendence, virtual, and universe, meaning the real world, and refers to a virtual world that transcends reality. In other words, it means a three-dimensional virtual space.

Metaverse accelerates the convergence between content industries. In the game industry, this trend is even stronger. The number of users who understand and touch the metaverse concept through games is increasing. Game companies are struggling to develop more fun VR and AR games and to provide realistic virtual space.

Efforts to support the production of tangible game industry are in full swing in Jeollanam-do. Jeonnam Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion Agency) is one of the 2021 Jeollanam-do regional-based game industry fostering projects, and competes in the ‘market entry production support project (corporate growth type)’ to expand the base of the Jeonnam game industry and strengthen the domestic and overseas competitiveness of tangible game-related companies. companies were recruited.

Stormy Games (CEO Jinhwan Ahn) was founded in April 2020 by people who wanted to make games regardless of their careers. Together, they gather skills and innovative ideas. In line with the rapid growth of VR games, Stormy Games is producing a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) VR that can be enjoyed with various characters and items.

Stormy Games aims to create a game that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, rather than a high-fatigue FPS that requires excessive immersion. It is a wireless VR regardless of location without PC connection. We are striving to develop multiplayer communication functions and technologies corresponding to the metaverse with VR technology that can play multiplayer as well as singleplayer.

In line with the flow of the game industry, we aim to attract all age groups who like casual games with easy controls and a simple plot structure. While supplementing simple graphics with light mapping and post effects, we prioritize developing general-purpose graphic performance that can match the performance of independent VR devices.

Although the game is easy and anyone can enjoy it, we are envisioning a high-quality game with infinite characters as far as content is concerned. New characters increase interest by providing unique skills and styles for each content character. The goal is to create a variety of characters and take the initiative in playing the game with their own character positions in accordance with the multiplayer cooperative method or confrontation method. The ultimate goal of characters known to game users is to expand into various licensing businesses or digital content businesses. They dream of going global and are greedy for design patents. We are not forgetting our resolve to contribute to the expansion of employment and economic vitality of the Jeonnam region through steady recruitment of new manpower in the future.

CEO Ahn Jin-hwan said, “I met a great mentor” through the corporate growth support project. The Jeonnam Global Game Center served as a window to seek advice whenever the company was in trouble. With the production subsidy, we were able to pay our employees’ salaries more easily than ever before, and we were able to create an environment where we could produce games that we had previously made to perfection. Stormy Games is strengthening its will to become a representative game company in the Jeollanam-do region.

Meanwhile, Director Lee Joon-geun of the Promotion Agency said, “We plan to continue expanding our human and material resources and networks so that startups that can win competition in Jeollanam-do can continue to be born. We will build a better startup ecosystem so that we can succeed and succeed.”

Jeonnam Global Game Center Overview

Jeonnam Global Game Center is nurturing tangible games combined with immersive media infrastructure, and supports it with the goal of establishing an ecosystem for the Jeonnam game industry and fostering global game companies.

Website: http://www.jcia.or.kr

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