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– Thanks to customer support, until December 15, 2021! Photo review event extension

– Supports the latest charging protocols PPS, PD 3.0, and Quick Charge 4+

– Complete support for one year free warranty and product liability insurance for 300 million won

– 100w C to C PD cable worth 13,000 won, N Pay 5,000 won when writing a photo/video review

EM Tech Inc. (CEO: Lee Deok-soo, hereafter EM Tech), which is the No. 1 company in PC graphics card market share in Korea, is a Korean graphics card brand. EM Tech Redbit 120W GAN Ultra-fast Multi-PD Charger 79,900 won to thank customers for their support due to the rapid sales volume increase. In addition to a discount of 59,900 won, the N Pay 5,000 won accumulation event when writing a photo/video review after purchase has been extended until December 15, 2021.

When writing a photo/video review after purchase, the period for receiving N Pay 5,000 won is until December 15, 2021.

In addition, a C to C cable with a charging speed of 100W, worth 13,000 won, will be presented. The cable supports a fast charging speed that can be used while charging digital devices such as laptops and tablets at a charging speed of 100W, stimulating customer needs with a cable that can be used while charging.

EM-Tech’s Redbit 120W GAN ultra-fast multi-PD charger is a product that can solve the problems of insufficient charging ports or messy charging cables due to the increasing number of electronic products used in modern times.

It is a high-end product with a compact and simple design by applying the new material GaN (gallium nitride), and provides a total of 4 ports, 2 USB C type ports and 2 USB A type ports. This product supports super-fast charging with a maximum output of 100W, which can also charge a laptop with a single charge, and a maximum output of 120W when charging 3 ports or more simultaneously.

In addition, it supports super-fast charging by applying the latest charging protocol Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 and programmable power supply (PPS) technology, and also supports Quick Charge (QC) 4+ to make QC 2.0 and QC 3.0 compatible – One PD120PPS can charge multiple devices, up to 4 at the same time.

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In addition, as it is equipped with the latest technology, it is equipped with various functions in terms of stability. It is possible to prevent problems that may occur by using the charger for a long time, such as overcharge protection, overvoltage protection, and short circuit protection, which are functions to protect the user’s device.

In addition, EM-Tech I&C provides a one-year free warranty service, and has completed preparations for complete follow-up support by subscribing to KB Product Liability Insurance.

EM-Tech Redbit 120W GAN ultra-fast multi-PD charger is available at Gmarket, Coupang, 11st, Naver Smart Store, ibycom (www.ibuycom.com) can be purchased from online open markets and social vendors.

Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]