Epic Seven, Episode 4 New Chapter Update

Data provided – Smilegate

The global hit mobile RPG ‘Epic Seven’, serviced by Smilegate Megaport (CEO Jang In-ah) and developed by Super Creative (Co-CEO Kim Hyung-seok, Kang Ki-hyun), has updated the second chapter ‘Shadow Mountains’ of Episode 4, and a new hero ‘Zahak’ ‘ was announced on the 26th (Fri).

‘Shadow Mountains’ is a rugged mountain range located on the eastern continent ‘Natalon’ in the worldview of Epic Seven, and is adjacent to the once strong country ‘Theranard’. It is a dangerous area that has been prohibited from entering since long ago, and the recently created slasher village and the re-appearing ghosts are experiencing conflict. The protagonist ‘Adin’ and his party set foot in the Shadow Mountains after being chased by the Theranards, and an exciting adventure unfolds here.

Meanwhile, the 5-star nature attribute warrior hero ‘Zahak’ has also been updated. It is characterized by possessing a number of effective skills when dealing with a single enemy. In particular, the 3rd skill, ‘Salt’, can inflict ‘wounds’, an effect that reduces the maximum health of a single enemy, so it is an effective hero when dealing with enemies who become stronger in proportion to their maximum health. In addition, since the skill’s accuracy and critical rate increase, it can cause wounds regardless of attributes, and it shows good performance against enemies with high evasion.

The second skill, ‘Detailed Design’, removes 2 debuffs from the ally target and yourself and creates a shield for 2 turns to enhance survivability. have.

Finally, exclusive equipment for the heroes ‘Illinab’, ‘Alencia’, and ‘Dieria of the Day’ has been added. Since the dedicated equipment greatly improves the performance specialized for each hero, the utilization of the hero is expected to increase.

More information about Epic Seven can be found on the official community and official YouTube channel.