Freestyle 2: Revolution Selected as a Google Play Feature

Data provided – Changyu

Changyu (branch manager Hyeyeon Choi) announced on the 26th that its mobile basketball game ‘Freestyle 2: Revolution’ has been selected as a feature on Google Play.

‘Freestyle 2: Revolution’ is a 3-on-3 mobile basketball game developed based on the IP of ‘Freestyle 2’, a representative basketball game in Korea. While enjoying hip-hop-style 3-on-3 basketball in real time, it delivers the unique charm of Freestyle that allows you to feel instantaneous judgment and exhilarating taste, as well as upgraded game performance and a system optimized for mobile environments, receiving favorable reviews from Google Play. was selected for a feature.

To commemorate the Google feature selection, ‘Freestyle 2: Revolution’ provides users with a wealth of items depending on the date of access. Users can obtain frying pan appearance ceremony, 10 common player pieces, 100 diamonds, player roulette coupons, etc. just by logging in every day for 7 days during the event period.

Previously, ‘Freestyle 2: Revolution’ recorded remarkable achievements, such as achieving No. The fact that extensive marketing was carried out before the release, such as SNS challenges, the ‘New Nevaruz’ online cypher competition with singer Joo Jin, and Kuroko’s basketball collaboration news, also played a part in the popularity of the early release.

In the in-game story, you can immerse yourself in each character based on a unique worldview and enjoy it, and in addition to skill combinations that enable spectacular directing and action, you can taste a wide range of tactics with systems such as coaches or contract elements. In addition, there are plenty of things to enjoy, such as system ranks where fierce competition takes place, basketball court customs where you can freely express your individuality, and character costumes.

Park Hye-jeong, Marketing Director Changyu, said, “Freestyle 2: Revolution was selected as a feature on Google Play thanks to your support. We will do our best to become a game that gives you pleasure for a long time rather than flashing at the beginning of its release.”